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FAQ About SCUBA Regulators

It's probably not the SPG or hose itself that's leaking. All high pressure SCUBA hoses use an air spool with two tiny #003 O-rings to mate the swivel connector on the female hose fitting to the male gauge fitting. If the air spool O-rings are worn, the assembly can have a slow leak around the swivel. Even when an O-ring has failed completely or the spool is omitted entirely, a tiny flow restriction present in the high pressure port of the regulator and/or the male hose fitting will cause a leak to be much slower than expected. We recommend replacing the air spool, or at least the spool O-rings, whenever replacing the hose. See our video on Leaking SPG Spool Replacement.

It is difficult to give you a meaningful answer regarding performance of our regulators in relation to other specific brands or models we don't sell, but perhaps we can put the performance issue in perspective. In reality, any modern balanced general purpose scuba regulator, designed to perform to EN 250 standards and properly maintained, is capable of delivering gas more than adequate for the needs of two sport divers (primary plus an octo). That's not to say there aren't poorly performing sport regulators in the market, but you can't buy them at Dive Gear Express.

There is no perfect regulator; they all have strengths and weaknesses that make each uniquely more or less suited to your needs. Keep in mind that a big brand name and high price are factors that rarely equate to better performance or better value. When choosing regulators at Dive Gear Express, make your decisions based on considerations that are less about "performance" and more about matching the regulator to the diving application. For example, an extreme exposure (i.e. deep and cold) technical diving regulator is a poor choice for shallow tropical sport diving. Beyond the features of the regulator itself, you should consider the supplier along with how the model was designed and has been supported. As an independent servicing dealer, we stock complete regulator packages, components and parts with online ordering and same day shipping.

Yes, see the Product Attachments tab of the service kits for service manuals including IPB and torque values. There is nothing unique about the DGX Gears brand regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special tools beyond those generic tools found on the typical regulator technicians bench. Any competent service tech will have no issues with service of the DGX Gears models and if you are not an experienced service tech then Vance Harlow's "Scuba Regulator Maintenance and Repair" manual is very complete beginners guide. The book gives step by step directions plus in-depth discussion of the procedures and techniques involved in servicing a SCUBA regulator and is available directly from Airspeed Press.

Dive Gear Express is an authorized service center for Dive Rite, Mares XR, and Poseidon regulators. We of course also provide maintenance service for our house brand DGX Gears regulators. We are unable to service other brands for which we are not an authorized dealer, in those cases we recommend return-to-factory service. For all the details visit SCUBA Regulator Maintenance Service at Dive Gear Express.
In a word... "NO", although the XTRA appeals to the same target demographic of the diver looking for a top-shelf performance regulator, and also has a balanced piston type first stage with a balanced diaphragm downstream type second stage. To document the excellent performance of the XTRA, we take the extra step of bench testing every XTRA regulator on the industry standard ANSTI machine and including the serialized performance report with each regulator. The XTRA also includes the extra feature of an auto-closure on the first stage that shuts the DIN inlet when not engaged on the valve, potentially avoiding the accidental flooding of the first stage. The XTRA is priced a third less than comparable top-shelf regulators making it an excellent value, even before the extra bonus of free shipping. Further, Dive Gear Express believes the consumer has the "right-to-repair" and our policy is to make all service parts individually available for purchase without restriction.

The only difference is the branding and price; any DIN-to-Yoke adapter will work on any DIN regulator regardless of brand and they are all of equal quality chromed brass construction. The generic value priced DGX adapters are available in your choice of black or silver color, and features a nice sized handwheel which makes it easy-grip to install and remove from the valve.

Yes, these fittings are very standardized. All SCUBA regulator first stages sold by Dive Gear Express have a universal standard DIN connector (also known as G 5/8" BSP) that will work with any 200 bar and 300 bar DIN outlet SCUBA valve, unless special ordered with a native yoke A-clamp fitting for the North American K-valve. For use with K-valves, our DGX Premium regulator packages include a DIN-to-Yoke spin on adapter. A DIN-to-Yoke adapter is also available for purchase as an low cost option for those SCUBA regulators that don't include an adapter.

There is a single rare exception: In the European Union nations, the EN 144-3:2003 standard requires a valve outlet known as M26x2 to be used on dive cylinders containing oxygen or Nitrox mixtures with greater than 22% oxygen. The M26x2 outlet is similar in appearance but slightly larger than the standard DIN outlet, and thus incompatible with the standard DIN connector found on SCUBA regulators. The purpose of this incompatible valve outlet is to force the dedication of cylinders, regulators and fill stations to Nitrox use. The M26x2 outlet for Nitrox and oxygen is very rarely seen outside the EU and Dive Gear Express is unable to supply M26x2 connector regulators, although DIN-to-M26 adapters are available.

For more information please read our detailed article SCUBA Valves and Regulator Fittings.

We do stock a few generic replacement parts such as hoses and O-rings, but in general our answer has to be "probably not" for most BC and regulator parts from these popular brands. We know it's frustrating; some dive equipment brands express concerns about liability or safety as their reason for prohibiting the retail sale of their branded individual replacement parts to consumers. The good news is that we believe the consumer has the right to repair and our Dive Gear Express policy is to sell individual parts for any brand we currently stock. For those brands we don't stock, our recommendation is to return the equipment directly to the manufacturer for service or repair.

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