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Hogarthian Regulator Configuration for Doubles

Hogarthian Diver

The primary second stage has a long hose, with the primary first stage connected to the diver's right gas manifold outlet. The long hose routes straight down the divers right side back behind the wing, under the light canister (if no light canister then under the waistbelt sheath), up and across the chest to the left shoulder, behind the neck and around to the mouth. The primary second stage is clipped to the right shoulder D-ring when not in the mouth. The backup second stage has a short hose and hangs on a necklace directly below the chin, with the backup first stage connected to the diver's left gas manifold outlet. The hose to the BC power inflator is connected to the primary first stage and is also a shorter length appropriate for the shorter BC inflation assembly found on doubles. The high pressure hose for the SPG is shorter as well and is connected to the backup first stage. The HP hose is routed straight down the divers left back side and the SPG is clipped to the waist D-ring.