Dive Rite XT4 Regulator

Perfectly configured by Dive Gear Express, there is a regulator setup that meets the needs of everyone seeking Dive Rite® Equipment for Serious Divers. The DGX Custom versions are fully assembled and integrated by Dive Gear Express using Dive Rite XT1first and XT4 second stage regulators together with our premium quality hoses, gauges, adapters, stainless steel hardware and other accessories.

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Dive Rite does not endorse the installation or substitution of any non-factory part or component with their products because they do not have the ability to control or evaluate the quality and compatibility of such items. The installation of non-factory parts such as regulator hoses or other components may or may not have negative effects upon performance, function and safety. Dive Rite disclaims liability for defect, damage or injury caused by the use of any non-factory parts or accessories.

Dive Rite XT Regulator Differences

Dive Gear Express offers packages of the Dive Rite XT1 balanced diaphragm first stage paired with your choice of either the Dive Rite XT2 or XT4 second stages. The main differences between the two different Dive Rite second stages are size, materials and cold water performance. The XT2 and XT4 offer the same high-performance using the same new seat and same long-bite mouthpiece, but the XT4 has a slightly smaller faceplate with a significantly more compact exhaust tee. The XT4 replaces plastic with metal for things like the adjustment knob and cover exoskeleton, plus including a finned heat exchanger for better cold water performance and durability. The XT4 also adds micro adjustment of the breathing characteristics. Both the XT2 and the XT4 second stages can be configured with either a Right or Left hand hose inlet. The XT1 high-performance swivel first stages are environmentally sealed to protect against internal corrosion, contaminants and is suitable for water to { 27°F | -2.78°C }.

Both Dive Rite XT2 and XT4 regulator packages feature a next generation of regulator performance for Dive Rite. An elite performer, the XT's advanced, patented designs earn top marks from Mike Ward of Dive Lab. With work of breathing at less than 1.0 J/l, the XT performs right alongside premier regulators on the market today. Five low pressure ports and a swivel turret achieves optimal hose routing. Two HP ports are angled 90-degrees from the DIN fitting which gives the perfect angle for the SPG hose routing. The XT regulator packages from Dive Gear Express are Nitrox Ready, come standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector and a native Yoke connector optionally available.

The XT4/XT1 packages are Dive Rite's premier technical diving regulator, and the XT2/XT1 packages offer a lower price regulator with zero compromise on performance. Dive Rite also offers some even lower priced fixed port regulator first stages in packages for less demanding applications such as stage, deco, and inflation.