Decals - Gas ID / MOD

The design of our 'Clean and Clear' Decals contain only the key information and delete extraneous statements or graphics that obscure the message. This makes the key words larger, and yet keeps the overall size of the decals to a minimum. Finally, there is no marketing or promotional clutter on our decals, so they really are 'Clean and Clear'.

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Set Descending Direction

Perfect Positioning of Decals

Clean the surface of the cylinder to remove any deposits and old decals. On painted aluminum cylinders we recommend scraping any blistering or peeling areas to remove loose paint. Most adhesive remnants are easily and safely removed with Goo Gone. If you use any cleaning solvent, keep it off the valve and neck; be sure to rinse with soap and water when you are done. Once the cylinder is clean, peel the backing off your decal, lightly wet the adhesive back with soapy water, and apply the decal to the cylinder. While wet, the decal can be perfectly positioned then allowed to dry. Once the soap evaporates, the decal adheres very well.