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Shearwater offers a wide array of computer models tailored to the requirements of different styles of diving and the preferences of different divers. They publish this Shearwater Dive Computer Comparison chart PDF that compares and contrasts the differences in features and functionality.

Open circuit sport and advanced nitrox divers should consider the Peregrine and Tern models. Technical divers needing full mixed gas and/or closed-circuit capabilities should consider the Teric and Perdix models. The Petrel is Shearwater's most feature rich expedition grade model with the largest display. AMOLED displays are the most readable underwater, while Backlit LCD displays offer the best value. The NERD is a unique heads-up display model often seen in rebreather applications.

The Mk3 series is based on the fēnix® 7 multisport watch with GPS and represents the next generation of features and functionality over the Mk2 series which is based on fēnix® 6. There are minor improvements, but as a short answer the key features of most interest to divers are the display, battery life and depth rating of the Mk3. The Mk3 now offers an AMOLED 454x454 resolution display as compared to the Mk2 MIP 280x280. The Mk2 MIP display is best in strong sunlight, and the Mk3 AMOLED display is most readable in the water. The battery life is 16 hours of dive time for the Mk2 a compared to 25 hours of dive time for the Mk3. The depth rating is { 330 fsw | 100 msw} for the Mk2, to { 660 fsw | 200 msw} on the Mk3 series. The Mk3i together with the T2 wireless tank pressure transceiver also supports in-water communication via preformatted messages with other networked divers wearing their Descent™ Mk3i dive computers.

The Garmin dive computers sold by Dive Gear Express support English by default and include a language pack that also supports: Български (Bulgaria), Čeština (Czech), Dansk (Danish), Deutsch (German), Eesti (Estonian), Eλληνικά (Greek), Español (Spanish), Français (French), Hrvatski (Croatian), Italiano (Italian), Latviešu (Latvian), Lietuvių (Lithuanian), Magyar(Hungarian), Nederlands (Netherlands), Norsk (Norwegian), Polski (Polish), Português (Portuguese), Русский (Russian - East Slavic), Română (Romanian), Slovenčina (West Slavic), Slovenščina (South Slavic), Suomi (Finnish), Svenska (Swedish), Türkçe (Turkish), and Yĸpaïaϲbĸa (Ukrainian).

All Garmin watches always support English, but have two different firmware versions that in turn each supports a specific language pack software download. The firmware version of the watch depends on the country of the authorized retailer: Asian Pacific (APAC) that supports the CJK ideographic character sets OR Rest of the World (RoW). The firmware between the APAC and RoW versions is different, so changing the language is not just a matter of downloading a different language pack. The Descent models sold by Dive Gear Express are the RoW version, not the APAC version, and do not support Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages.

The original Shearwater Peregrine was announced in July 2020. In May 2023, Shearwater announced the Adventures Edition Peregrine in both light and dark versions that differ only in cosmetic styling from the original edition. The original edition has a black case with a blue inner display bezel and logo along with black wrist straps long enough for use with drysuits plus optional use black shock cord for bungee wrist mount. The dark edition has a gray case and shorter gray wrist straps suitable for wetsuits with optional use orange accent-color loop bands and bungees. The light edition has a white case and shorter white wrist straps suitable for wetsuits with optional use teal accent-color loop bands and bungees. The Adventure Editions also have a silver color inner display bezel and white logo. Each version comes packaged in a matching color-coordinated ballistic case.

Just to be clear, the Adventures Editions versions and the original Peregrine version are all functionally identical (other than the wrist strap length) however the Adventures Editions are slightly higher in price. The Peregrine does NOT support integration with the SWIFT tank pressure transmitter, also called wireless 'air integration' (AI) and can NOT be later upgraded to support AI.

The Shearwater dive computers sold by Dive Gear Express support English by default and also include language support for: Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The short answer is you do NOT need the VPM or DCIEM upgrade. These are additional decompression models available on some Shearwater dive computers as an optional alternative to the default Bühlmann GF gas content model used by all Shearwater dive computers (and most other dive computers) to compute no-decompression limits and decompression schedules for dives. For recreational diving, there is no expert consensus that VPM or DCIEM is better than Bühlmann. If you don't understand the differences and why you would choose one or the other, Dive Gear Express and Shearwater recommends sticking with the factory default of Bühlmann 30/70.

There are a variety of aftermarket frames, covers and bull-bars for dive computers that are available on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and even at some dive retailers. Although these aftermarket accessories may enhance the cosmetic appearance of the device, in our experience they do not provide any significant additional protection. Dive computer manufacturers may not warrant their devices when used with the untested aftermarket covers as they have been known to obstruct, obscure or even damage the computer functions. There are also aftermarket 3D printed mounts for dive computers, again untested with the possibility of causing malfunction or even the loss of a device.

We have consulted with the manufacturers of the dive computers we sell and learned they express disdain for these aftermarket products. Our dive computer manufacturers tell us that they have delivered the best possible product and appropriate accessories after extensive research and development. The fact is, the addition of these aftermarket products cause more problems than any dubious benefits they may provide. Thus Dive Gear Express, as a respected major retailer for all the dive computers we carry, does not recommend or sell unapproved aftermarket dive computer accessories for this critical piece of life support equipment.