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The Rules and Not So Fine Print: The items listed on this page change frequently and represent special purchase, closeout, discontinued, and clearance inventory along with limited time promotions from our suppliers. Some items are missing descriptions and/or photograph, but you can contact us with any questions.

Unless otherwise stated, all items are new or unused with full manufacturers warranty. Any item that is used, damaged or has significant cosmetic flaws will be clearly identified as such. All items, new or used, are still covered under our no hassles return policy and you may return them for a full refund, less our actual shipping costs. This page is up-to-date, but all items are subject to prior sale and may sell out overnight. No backorders on these items, so don't plan on anything until we e-mail you advising that we have shipped your order. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

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  1. Blue Steel Doubles Bands Set w/Bolts for 6.9-Inch Cyl
    Blue Steel Doubles Bands Set w/Bolts for 6.9-Inch Cyl
    Special Price $149.86 Regular Price $184.00
  2. DR TravelPac BC
    Dive Rite TravelPac BC
    As low as $449.86
  3. Thermo Standalone Valve, Surplus
    Thermo Standalone Valve, Surplus
    Special Price $25.00 Regular Price $50.00
  4. DGX Custom - OMS AS Compact Bailout Reg Package
    DGX Custom - OMS AS Compact Bailout Reg Package
    Special Price $299.86 Regular Price $459.00
  5. OMS Airstream PVD 1st Stage
    OMS Airstream PVD 1st Stage DIN - Black
    Special Price $229.86 Regular Price $379.00
  6. OMS Master Gauge SPG {2.5 in | 6.3 cm} - BAR
    OMS Master Gauge SPG {2.5 in | 6.3 cm} - BAR
    Special Price $59.86 Regular Price $99.00
  7. Watoom Dive Computer *
    Watoom Dive Computer *
    Special Price $299.86 Regular Price $499.00
  8. Reef Safe Mask Scrub
    Reef Safe Mask Scrub {2 oz | 56 g}
    Special Price $3.86 Regular Price $6.00
  9. Reef Safe Mask Defogger Gel
    Reef Safe Mask Defogger Gel {2 oz | 56 g}
    Special Price $3.86 Regular Price $6.00
  10. Reef Safe Mask Defogger & Cleaner Spray
    Reef Safe Mask Defogger/Cleaner Spray {2 oz | 56 g}
    Special Price $3.86 Regular Price $6.00
  11. PINK Slap Strap
    Plain PINK Slap Strap
    Special Price $5.86 Regular Price $10.00
  12. Scuba Fundamental - Front Cover
    Scuba Fundamental
    Special Price $5.86 Regular Price $11.95

We Can't Always Take Blame for the Problem, But Do Take Responsibility for the Solution

Over the years we have shipped a great many packages to both domestic and international destinations from our facility in Florida using USPS, UPS and DHL services. While we do everything within our power to assure a smooth delivery, in our long experience about 1% of those packages will have some kind of shipping problem. Statistically, problems with all three couriers are about the same although we have developed preferences for some specific combinations of courier and destination.

Thankfully most problems are just transit delays due to a equipment failures, capacity overloads, or inclement weather. Handling damage is rare but seems to occur more often with heavy items such as tanks and delicate items such as oxygen sensors. Occasionally a package encounters a bureaucratic SNAFU even though we follow best practices to describe the nature, value, and contents of our shipments. While we might be blamed for shipping problems, the fact is that internal issues with bureaucracies and couriers are all well outside our control.

However, we do take responsibility for the solution to shipping problems because Dive Gear Express guarantees safe arrival of your order. Although rare, we know a problem can be frustrating when it happens to you and we will work with you to resolve any issue as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Express is part of our name and, while we can't overcome the physics of time and distance, we will try to get you back in the water as soon as possible. If you have a time critical issue, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your deadline.


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