CCR Cylinders and Valves

Cylinders and special valves for use with rebreathers.

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Advice for Traveling with Rebreather Cylinders

Regardless of the brand of rebreather it can be annoying to travel with cylinders because they are carefully examined by security personnel, and occasionally even confiscated. TSA says cylinders are allowed only if the cylinder has an open end. This means you must remove the valve and you must not plug the cylinder opening. Nothing should obscure the cylinder opening, not even clear tape or a plastic bag. This also means the open cylinders that traveled with you in checked baggage are contaminated and no longer suitable for oxygen service. Have a plan for how you are going to have them oxygen cleaned at the destination. When practical, consider taking the cylinders with you as carry-on baggage where you can remove a travel cap yourself during security inspections. You may prefer to rent cylinders at the destination or ship the cylinders ahead by a package carrier which will allow the cylinders to be sealed during transport.

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