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Do You Sidemount Up or Down?

By default, the SPGs in our sidemount regulator packages are not mounted on the first stage HP ports. That is because there does not seem to be a consensus among experienced sidemount divers on how the cylinder valves should be oriented. Some sidemount divers configure the stage straps on their cylinders so that the valve outlets point down and others prefer the valve outlets to point up. They may arrange the cylinders with the handwheels on the inside where they are more protected, while others prefer the handwheels on the outside where they are easier to reach. We assemble the SPG, air spool, and hose but the orientation of your cylinder valve outlets, up or down, will determine which HP port of the first stage will be used. It is easy to do yourself, but if you would like us to go ahead and mount the SPG's on the first stages just tell us in the 'Special Instructions' dialog box at Checkout if you rig your cylinders with the valve outlets facing up or down.