Featured Brands

The brands and specialty products found on our website are carefully chosen by the staff at Dive Gear Express. Meaning our products have been evaluated and selected based on the needs and expectations of experienced sport and technical divers. We try to eliminate products that in our opinion are outmoded, mere duplicates, mediocre quality, poor value, or mostly appeal to entry level divers. This greatly simplifies product navigation and selection, allows us to stock nearly everything we sell, and often the consolidation of our sales volumes enable us to present very favorable prices.

Authorized Dealer

Dive Gear Express is an authorized dealer for first quality, brand name, scuba diving equipment. Our website honestly indicates the stock status of all our products and you can easily contact us for answers to your questions. Your e-mail and telephone inquiries will be handled by experienced divers and diving instructors.

A few words about the "authorized dealer" concept: Where you buy is always your choice... don't be taken in by the meaningless authorized dealer FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) created by the marketing efforts of sellers who are trying to scare you in to using their specific distribution channel. Regardless of where you purchase or from whom, you can purchase with confidence that ALL reputable manufacturers will ALWAYS take excellent care of product owners whenever a defect is discovered in workmanship or materials and will always honor their product warranty.