Apeks XTX Regulators

Perfectly configured by Dive Gear Express, there is a regulator setup that meets the needs of every Apeks® exploration diver! The DGX Custom versions are fully assembled and integrated by Dive Gear Express using Apeks XTX series first and second stage regulators together with our premium quality hoses, gauges, adapters, stainless steel hardware and other accessories.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

As the Hershey's song says, you have choices: The Apeks XTX series are proven among the most versatile first and second stages available plus their prices represent a good value in their ultra-performance class, making the Apeks XTX regulators a popular choice among extreme divers worldwide. If you don't see exactly the setup you want, we can custom build & bench your Apeks XTX Regulator bespoke configuration with same day shipping.

16 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. FSR XTX200 with DIN 1st Stage
    Apeks XTX200 Flagship Regulator
  2. Sample DST/XTX50 Regulator
    DGX Custom - Apeks XTX Regulator
    As Low As $649
  3. Flagship OW Reg Package with DIN First Stage
    DGX Custom - Apeks XTX200 Flagship Streamlined OW Reg Package
  4. Sample DST/XTX50 Streamlined OW Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks DST/XTX50 Streamlined OW Reg Package
  5. Sample DST/XTX50 Single Tank Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks DST/XTX50 Single Tank Reg Package
  6. TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package Sample Configuration
    DGX Custom - Apeks TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package
  7. Apeks DS4/XTX50 Sidemount Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks DS4 or DST/XTX50 Sidemount Reg Package
  8. Sample DST/XTX50 Stage Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks XTX Stage Reg Package
  9. Sample DS4/XTX50 Bailout Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks DS4/XTX50 Bailout Reg Package
  10. DGX Custom - Apeks DS4/XTX40 O2 Reg Package
    DGX Custom - Apeks DS4/XTX40 O2/Stage Reg Package
  11. Apeks FSR Angled First Stage
    Apeks FSR Angled First Stage
  12. Apeks DTS Turret 1st Stage
    Apeks DST Swivel First Stage
  13. Apeks DS4 Fixed 1st Stage
    Apeks DS4 Fixed First Stage
  14. TEK3 Doubles First Stage LH & RH Set
    Apeks TEK3 Doubles First Stage Pair
  15. Apeks XTX 2nd Stage Regulators
    Apeks XTX Series Second Stages
    As Low As $300.00
  16. Apeks Regulator Accesories *
    Apeks Regulator Accesories *
Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
Apeks does not endorse the installation or substitution of any non-factory part or component with their products because they do not have the ability to control or evaluate the quality and compatibility of such items. The installation of non-factory parts such as regulator hoses or other components may or may not have negative effects upon performance, function and safety. Apeks disclaims liability for defect, damage or injury caused by the use of any non-factory parts or accessories.

Why Choose Apeks?

Apeks was founded in 1974 by Ken Ainscough and Eric Partington, the two friends decided to combine their knowledge of diving and precision engineering with the APEKS company name also being a combination of their initials. Acquired by Aqualung in 1997, decades later that spirit of craftsmanship continues at Apeks. Their world-class production facilities and the fact that they have total control over every manufacturing process makes Apeks equipment a benchmark for design, quality and performance. Apeks products are being used by technical divers to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most challenging dive environments.

Apeks brand regulators include a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they are inspected or serviced annually by an AQUALUNG AMERICA Authorized Dealer. This warranty covers the original owner against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator and includes their Free-Parts-For-Life Program.