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Hose Protectors Don't

The 'hose protectors' on the ends of the hoses next to the first and second stages provide a cosmetic appearance, however there is no evidence they prevent hose damage. Hoses sometimes fail where the fitting is swaged onto the hose, but that's caused by gas pressure, and a hose protector is not going to prevent that from happening. A few manufacturers include hose protectors with the factory configurations, but more often they are aftermarket additions by the local dive shop as a marketing opportunity. Although a very popular sport diving regulator accessory, because hose protectors interfere with routing and streamlining they are almost never seen on regs used in technical diving. In fact, hose protectors may compromise safety and many experienced divers don't use or recommend them. Hose protectors hold water against the fitting, causing corrosion and hiding developing problems. The post dive maintenance recommendation is to pull the hose protectors back from the fittings, rinse and inspect. However, our observation is that not only do most divers not perform this suggested maintenance, when they do they are actually pulling hard at the most failure prone part of the hose. Our maintenance recommendation: permanently remove aftermarket hose protectors (we carefully use a pair of side cutters rather than pull them off) and replace the hose if there is evidence of excessive wear or damage.

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