DGX Air Spool w/ Viton O-Rings for SPG Swivel

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Air Spool with Nitrox Ready Viton O-rings for SPG Swivel.

DGX Air Spool w/ Viton O-Rings for SPG Swivel

DGX Air Spool w/ Viton O-Rings
DGX Air Spool w/ Viton O-Rings Seats Between the SPG and the HP Hose Leaking SPG Spool Replacement
  • Compatible with almost every HP hose brand, material and style
  • Compatible with almost every brand SPG available today
  • Includes Nitrox Ready o-rings
  • Required installation between HP hose and SPG or Transmitter

All high pressure SCUBA hoses use an air spool with two tiny o-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose to the fitting on the gauge or transmitter. If the O-rings are worn or the spool is omitted entirely, the hose will have a small leak at the swivel. The air spool is not included with the hose but we recommend replacing the air spool when replacing the hose. The air spool helps to form the seal between the SPG and HP hose and assists in controlling the pressure as it flows to the SPG from the first stage. Includes two oxygen compatible 003 O-rings.

The standard spool has a flange in the center and is compatible with most SPG's, but a few SPGs, typically the plastic body ones, may only accept a spool without a shoulder in which case you will have to reuse the air spool from the SPG. If reusing the spool from the previous hose and don't see it, it is probably lodged in the end of the previous hose or in the end of the SPG.

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