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DGX Custom Regulators - Have It Your Way

Unlike hamburgers where you can order exactly what you want, the diving equipment manufacturers generally supply their regulators in one or two basic configurations intended as the foundation for integration in the ubiquitous sport diving 'octopus'. Unfortunately experienced divers rarely need the manufacturers basic building block configuration of a Yoke first stage, 32-inch heavy rubber hose, and a second stage that often includes annoying cosmetic hose covers or a 360° swivel that interfere with hose routing and compromise safety.

For those divers who want to build their own unique configurations, Dive Gear Express offers all our regulators as individual stages as well as DGX Custom first and second stage configurations that you can tailor to your specifications. Dive Gear Express also understands the needs of the experienced diver allowing us to offer a wide variety of ready-to-dive packages. All DGX Custom regulator packages are assembled and integrated by Dive Gear Express using brand name first and second stage regulators together with Dive Gear Express premium quality hoses and other regulator accessories. Get everything you need and nothing you don't want.

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