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A heads up display (HUD) dive computer.

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The NERD 2 from Shearwater Research

The Near Eye Remote Display for scuba divers has been redesigned as the NERD 2 for enhanced reliability and flexibility, now available in three different versions. In addition to the DiveCAN and Fischer versions for rebreather divers that mount to the closed-circuit DSV, open-circuit divers can now experience the Shearwater NERD 2 heads-up-display (HUD) in a new stand-alone (SA) version that mounts to a regulator. The universal regulator mount allows open-circuit divers to secure the NERD 2 to their open-circuit second stage and dive with crucial dive information always in view. All versions of the NERD 2 include wireless integration for use with the optional Shearwater transmitter and have the ability to monitor gas pressure in one or two tanks. The NERD 2 is also compatible with Shearwater Cloud and Shearwater Desktop. With the announcement of the NERD 2 in August 2017, Shearwater has ceased manufacturing the original NERD.