Regulator Packages

These regulator packages are for specific diving applications and configured by either the manufacturer or customized by Dive Gear Express. The DGX Custom versions are fully assembled and integrated by Dive Gear Express using brand name first and second stage regulators together with our premium quality hoses, gauges, adapters, stainless steel hardware and other accessories.

Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

The regulator manufacturers do not endorse the installation or substitution of any non-factory part or component with their products because they do not have the ability to control or evaluate the quality and compatibility of such items. The installation of non-factory parts such as regulator hoses or other components may or may not have negative effects upon performance, function and safety. The regulator manufacturers disclaim liability for defect, damage or injury caused by the use of any non-factory parts or accessories.

Backup Second Stages

Traditionally, the backup second stage regulator has been a lower-performance lower-cost unbalanced design because it was thought to be less likely to free flow and less prone to problems. However, experience has demonstrated concerns with using a lower performance regulator under conditions that forced a switch to the backup, and most experienced divers are now choosing identical high-performance backup and primary regulators. Our high-performance balanced second stages are very resistant to free flow when it has the venturi setting on pre-dive and the adjustment knob set low. Field experience has shown our regulators to be quite trouble-free as well.

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