DGX Gears Regulators

Our DGX regulators offer performance and reliability at a value price.

DGX Gears brand D6 and XTRA regulators

Both the DGX Gears brand D6 and XTRA regulators are going to more than meet the needs of most divers but there are differences depending on the specific style of technical diving such as cold water or extreme depths.

The DGX Gears D6 Regulator is a "classic" basic time-tested design based on a balanced diaphragm first stage. The DGX Gears D6 second stage is pneumatically balanced for excellent breathing at depth and includes a user adjustable breathing resistance knob along with a venturi (Dive/Pre-Dive) switch for better flow control when needed and to reduce free flow upon initial entry. If you are seeking a reliable and easy breathing regulator for sport diving the D6 is a great value.

The DGX Gears XTRA Regulator is a more recent extreme-performance design based on a balanced piston first stage that includes an auto-closure that shuts the DIN inlet when not engaged on the valve, potentially avoiding accidental flooding. The XTRA 2nd stage is a balanced fully adjustable second stage featuring metal internal components and increased resistance to freezing when cold water diving that also delivers reduced inhalation efforts at depth. If you are seeking a top-shelf performance regulator for extended range diving without a "big name-brand" price, then the XTRA merits serious consideration.

All our regulators are Nitrox Ready. What really makes our regulators stand out from the crowd are our value prices plus the DGX Gears lifetime limited warranty. Dive Gear Express believes the consumer has the "right-to-repair" and our policy is to make the DGX Gears regulator service parts individually available for purchase without restriction. The service manuals and schematic diagrams are available to the general public under the Product Attachments tab of the DGX Gears regulator service parts kits.