Service for Regulators

Benefits of Entrusting Your Regulator to Us For Overhauls, Maintenance, and Repair Service

Your Apeks, DGX Gears, Dive Rite, Poseidon, or Mares XR regulator is in the capable hands of our professionals who were trained by factory service experts.

  • All service performed according to the factory regulator service manuals.
        Check MarkCompletely disassemble, clean, and carefully inspect all parts for damage/corrosion/wear.
        Check MarkReplace any parts as appropriate, and always replace all soft parts and seats.
        Check MarkAssemble, test, and tune to factory specifications.
        Check MarkCheck the submersible pressure gauge for accuracy across a range of pressures.
        Check MarkInspect the high-pressure swivel, and replace o-rings.
        Check MarkInspect all hoses, clean the BCD hose QR connector.
  • We use only genuine factory-supplied parts. We use only oxygen-compatible lubricants during all maintenance.
  • All components will be sanitized with Steramine once reassembled and prior to shipping.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If any service from us does not meet your expectations, we will readjust or service the item again at no charge within 90 days from the date of service.

The price for maintenance service includes INCLUDES LABOR CHARGE AND SERVICE KIT for that stage. Average turn around time is 7-10 business days. You may contact our Service technicians for further information or for a detailed estimate once they have received your equipment. If no contact is made we will repair to original specifications as required.

For regulator brands and/or models that we are not certified to service, we recommend using a factory authorized service center nearest you. Three long established U.S. based companies that specialize in factory authorized regulator service for most brands are Airtech in North Carolina, RegTech in Wisconsin, and Pacific Scuba Repair in California.

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Sending Equipment to Us for Service

  • Important: We only service brands and models we sell, because we are unable to provide factory authorized service for brands and models that we don't sell.
  • Enter the order for service using our website. If you have any specific problems or concerns with the equipment, please make note of them in the special instructions section at Checkout and/or in a separate note attached to the equipment. We recommend only including service on the order, because any products also included on the order would not ship until service on your equipment is completed and the entire order is ready.
  • We suggest you send your entire item for service because problems that appear to be in one component are often caused by problems in another. Please send any hoses, adapters, fittings, batteries, chargers, or special cables if possible. However, we do ask you remove and retain any hose or console mounted computers, knives, etc. Do not send any damaged, defective or leaking batteries, please contact our service technicians instead.
  • Package your equipment for shipment and be sure to include a copy of your order in the package. Please also include copies of required documentation if sending equipment to us for warranty service. Legibly write our ship-to address below on the outside of the package. Please note, the "STE E1" in the address is our building and suite number. Your package may be returned as undeliverable if the STE E1 is not present in the shipping address.
  • Dispatch to us via any small package carrier you choose: USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL all deliver to our address daily. Please don't forget you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment during transit. For high value packages we recommend that you select a shipping service that offers package tracking, insure and declare the full value of the package so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. Please read our Transit Delays Advisory because carrier transit delays are equally as likely when you ship to us as when we ship to you.
  • Once service is completed, we will return your equipment to you via the shipping method you indicate on your order.

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