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We are unable to ship loose individual batteries or battery packs, and no longer offer them on our website. See the Tek-Tip below for more information.

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Where do I get replacement batteries?

Carrier shipping rules currently consider batteries included with the devices they power to be safe for all types of transport. As long as certain sizing, packaging and labeling requirements are followed, those devices with batteries are able to be shipped to consumers using ordinary services of the small parcel carriers.

We are unable to ship loose individual batteries or battery packs, and no longer offer them on our website. Hazmat shipping requirements for loose batteries make it impossible for Dive Gear Express to cost effectively ship replacement rechargeable batteries or battery packs if the package has any chance of travelling on commercial air transport. Recent incidents have triggered extremely strict enforcement of this restriction, even for services described as "ground" shipping. Although regulations are primarily aimed at rechargeable lithium-ion chemistry batteries, both DHL and UPS have recently begun using x-ray machines to detect loose batteries in our packages. We've learned the hard way that an indication on x-ray for any type of loose battery, regardless of chemistry, will trigger an automatic return to shipper.

Our recommendation for sourcing replacement batteries are as follows:

  • For devices that can accept individual standard batteries either singles or in carriers we recommend purchasing quality replacement batteries through local brand name high-volume merchants such as "big-box" retailers and battery specialty stores. Their sales volumes enable them to purchase bulk shipments of batteries that have been cost effectively transported to the store as hazardous cargo.
  • We do NOT recommend purchasing batteries via on-line marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The value priced batteries sold and shipped via third-party vendors through the on-line marketplaces are very often counterfeit and/or poor quality that are not suitable for the mission critical nature of diving applications. A recommended on-line retailer that has special shipping arrangements with the carriers is Battery Junction.
  • For devices with custom size rechargeable battery packs, such as canister style dive lights and DPV's, our recommendation is to contact the service department of the original manufacturer to arrange a return authorization. The manufacturer can inspect and service your device, including a battery replacement, then ship the device back to you as a complete system.

We observe the manufacturers have been adapting to this situation for some time. All battery powered devices we sell include batteries already loaded in the device although they may have protective covers that must be removed in order to enable their use. The devices either accept widely available individual batteries or have been designed with battery packs permanently embedded in the device.

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