diveX Scooters (DPV)

ADVISORY: Dive electronics are shipped as "Signature Required", but you may use the appropriate USPS Informed Delivery®, UPS My Choice®, or DHL On Demand website to authorize delivery without signature.

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  1. diveX BlackTip Scooter Series
    diveX BlackTip Scooter Series
  2. diveX BlackTip Tube Kits
    diveX Blacktip Tube Kit
    As low as $549.00
  3. Front View with Leg Straps Extended
    diveX (000-901) 3-Point Tow Harness
  4. BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead
    BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead
  5. Modular Camera Mount - Standard
    diveX (DX-006-10000-STD) Modular Camera Mount - Standard
  6. diveX Parts
    diveX Parts
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