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Equipment Service

Equipment Service
We recommend you go to the best in the business, Steve Gamble for all drysuit repairs. Steve specializes full time doing drysuit service in North Florida 'cave country'. He does repairs on any brand drysuit, plus alterations and adjustments, neck and wrist seal replacement, as well as relief valve installations. If you contact him, all we ask is please tell him we sent you. Just to be clear, Steve is not affiliated with us in any way, but he is one of our excellent customers. Steve can be found at D3 Diving.
We do stock a few generic replacement parts such as hoses and O-rings, but in general our answer has to be "probably not" for most BC and regulator parts from these popular brands. We know it's frustrating; some dive equipment brands express concerns about liability or safety as their reason for prohibiting the retail sale of their branded individual replacement parts to consumers. The good news is that we believe the consumer has the right to repair and our Dive Gear Express policy is to sell individual parts for any brand we currently stock. For those brands we don't stock, our recommendation is to return the equipment directly to the manufacturer for service or repair.
Dive Gear Express is no longer a H.O.G. (Highly Optimized Gear) dealer. HOG now sells their parts and services directly to consumers and information for receiving factory service on your HOG regulator is available at HOG Equipment Service.
We don't offer replacement bladders and there is a good reason. Manufacturers frequently make changes to the bladders in wings, and there is no way to be sure that current bladders will fit existing wings. We recommend that you directly contact the service department for the manufacturer of your BCD and arrange to return it to them for repair. For more detailed information about BCD bladder repairs, please read Will it work with my BCD?
Unfortunately, our answer regarding compatibility must be "we don't know" when we are not a service center for your equipment brand. We offer our generic service parts and tools for use only by qualified repair technicians who are able to determine compatibility for themselves using our descriptions and photographs. We do not recommend a trial and error repair strategy for life support equipment. The safe practice in circumstances of uncertainty is to contact the service department at the manufacturer. We especially recommend against DIY repairs on BC devices.

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