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Equipment Service

Equipment Service

YES! Dive Gear Express offers regulator service on all models we currently sell. Dive Gear Express is an authorized service center for Apeks, Dive Rite, Mares XR, and Poseidon regulators. We of course also provide service for our house brand DGX Gears regulators. For all the details visit SCUBA Regulator Maintenance Service at Dive Gear Express.

For regulator brands that we are not certified to service, we recommend using a factory authorized service center nearest you. Three long established U.S. based companies that specialize in factory authorized regulator service for most brands are Airtech in North Carolina, RegTech in Wisconsin, and Pacific Scuba Repair in California.

Any competent service tech will have no issues with service of the DGX Gears regulator models. Our suggested service interval for all DGX Gears regulators is every two years or one hundred dives. There is nothing unique about DGX Gears regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special equipment beyond that found on the typical regulator technician bench. We believe our customers also have the right-to-repair, so we publish detailed service manuals and we sell without restriction all service parts and periodic service kits for the DGX Gears brand regulators. ​Who can service DGX Gears brand regulators?

DGX Gears XTRA Service Parts Kits
DGX Gears D6 Service Parts Kits
DGX Gears FIRST Service Parts Kit
DGX Gears BCI Service Parts Kit

If you prefer, you may also send your DGX Gears brand regulators in for service or repair at our DGX Service Department located on the east coast in Florida or Pacific Scuba Repair located on the west coast in California. Dive Gear Express only services brands and models we sell: Apeks, DGX Gears, Dive Rite, Mares XR, and Poseidon. If you have other brands you would like serviced at the same time then Pacific Scuba Repair also services our brands plus many other brands such as Apeks (full line), Aqualung, HOG, Hollis, Mares (full line), Oceanic, OMS, and ScubaPro.

We recommend you go to some of the best in the business for exposure suit service: nationally for the USA we suggest Superior Diving Repair, locally for Florida "cave country" we suggest Stay Dri Scuba and for Canada we suggest Custom Diving Services. They all specialize in doing wetsuit and drysuit service with repairs on any brand, plus alterations and adjustments, neck and wrist seal replacement, as well as relief valve installations. Just to be clear, they are not affiliated with us in any way, but if you contact them please mention us.
We don't offer replacement bladders and there is a good reason. Manufacturers frequently make changes to components in their wings, and there is no way to be sure that current bladders will be compatible with existing fabric shells, pull dumps, or inflation elbow fittings. We recommend that you directly contact the service department for the manufacturer of your BCD and arrange to return it to them for repair. For more detailed information, please read BCD Bladder Repairs
Unfortunately, our answer regarding compatibility must be "we don't know" when we are not a service center for your equipment brand. We offer our generic service parts and tools for use only by qualified repair technicians who are able to determine compatibility for themselves using our descriptions and photographs. We do not recommend a trial and error repair strategy for life support equipment. The safe practice in circumstances of uncertainty is to contact the service department at the manufacturer. We especially recommend against DIY repairs on BC devices.
We do stock a few generic replacement parts such as hoses and O-rings, but in general our answer has to be "probably not" for most BC and regulator parts from these popular brands. We know it's frustrating; some dive equipment brands do not believe the consumer has the right to repair using concerns about liability or safety as their reason for prohibiting the retail sale of their branded individual replacement parts to consumers. The good news is that we agree the consumer has the right to repair and our Dive Gear Express policy is to sell individual parts for most brands we currently stock.