Rebreather Consumables: Steramine™, Tribolube®, and DeoxIT®.

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Are Rebreathers Safe?

At Rebreather Forum 3 held in 2012, statistics were presented which suggest closed-circuit rebreather diving is five to ten times higher risk than open circuit scuba. Some of the statistical increase may be due to rebreathers enabling divers to attempt extreme dive profiles which are themselves inherently higher risk than dive profiles attempted on open circuit. The quality of training may be the most significant factor affecting rebreather safety. Dive Gear Express believes a lack of experience, along with inadequate and poor quality training, is a widespread problem in the rebreather community. No rebreather is foolproof, and the fact remains that compared to open circuit there is a disproportionate number of rebreather fatalities, many of which have ultimately been attributed to diver error. Your safety while diving is controlled by you, not by your rebreather. Open circuit divers must always know their SPG reading, and CCR divers must...

Always Know Your PO2

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