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Thermo™ SCUBA valves are manufactured in Taiwan and are distributed in the US by XS Scuba. The Thermo Pro DIN/K valve has been independently tested as meeting the CGA V9-2009 Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves. The Thermo valves have a polished heavy chrome cosmetic finish and include a pre-installed DIN-to-Yoke adapter.

DGX Premium SCUBA valves are also manufactured in Taiwan. DGX Premium valves are available in an exceptionally wide variety of specialized versions. The DGX Premium valves have a satin chrome cosmetic finish. Our unbranded generic valves have a lower retail price as a result of being sourced directly from the manufacturer. Although the DIN-to-Yoke adapter is included with most cylinder and valve packages, when sold individually our DGX brand valves do not include a DIN-to-Yoke adapter. The adapter is always available separately as a low cost accessory.

There are internal differences, but oxygen compatible materials and construction of the valves are similar for both Thermo and DGX. Both are described as Nitrox Ready, although Thermo valves are explicitly labeled "40% MAX OXYGEN PREMIXED" on the valve body. Our long experience with the branded Thermo and generic DGX Premium valves has been both have similar reliability and durability in the field. Regardless of brand, every product we sell is backed by Dive Gear Express 5-star quality customer service.

The most common technical objections to the use of ordinary SCUBA valves with pure oxygen are: (1) too rapid a speed of opening and (2) chrome plating of the surfaces in contact with high pressure oxygen that are subject to friction or impact. The DGX Premium O2 valves are designed to answer these two specific objections. but otherwise similar to Nitrox Ready valves. For more information please read DGX Premium O2 Valve Differences.

Probably. All of our replacement Nitrox Ready SCUBA valves have an inlet designed to fit 3/4 NPS cylinder neck threads. This fits nearly all North American market SCUBA cylinders of recent manufacture, but there are some rare exceptions. Fortunately, you can use the cylinder neck stamp to determine the answer for yourself.

Assuming your cylinder was manufactured exclusively for the North American SCUBA market in the last 50 years or less, look at the cylinder neck for markings that begin "DOT". If it reads "DOT-3AL-xxxx", "DOT-3AA-xxxx", or "DOT-Xxxxx-3442" it almost certainly has an imperial 0.750-14 NPSM threaded neck opening, referred to in the trade as 3/4 NPS. SCUBA cylinders recently manufactured for other areas may have the name of their thread form stamped on the neck. If the neck stamp includes "3/4 NPSM" or "0.750-14" then the cylinder also has a 3/4 NPS threaded opening. Our replacement Nitrox Ready SCUBA valves will fit any of these cylinders.

There are some rare exceptions, especially for cylinders with very high service pressures or manufactured before 1970; for more information please read our article SCUBA Valves: Regulator Fittings, 200 vs 300 Bar FAQ and Cylinder Neck Threads.

Detailed assembly and installation instructions, along with torque specifications and lubrication recommendations, can be found in our Installing the Valve in the Cylinder TekTip.

All of our standard Nitrox Ready SCUBA valves will work with SCUBA regulators having yoke (aka A-clamp), 200 bar DIN or 300 bar DIN fittings. This is virtually all SCUBA regulators, with the rare exception of oxygen service M26 regulators sold in the European Union. The valves have a DIN outlet that requires an DIN-to-Yoke adapter insert for use with yoke regulators. The small DIN-to-Yoke adapter screws in to the DIN valve outlet and may remain permanently if you wish. Our Thermo brand valves include a pre-installed DIN-to-Yoke adapter at no charge. Our DGX house brand valves do not include the adapter, but a DIN-to-Yoke insert is available separately as a low cost accessory.

For more information please read our article SCUBA Valves: Regulator Fittings, 200 vs 300 Bar FAQ and Cylinder Neck Threads.

No compatibility testing has been performed by the different manufacturers and neither Dive Gear Express, Dive Rite, nor XS Scuba (who also supplies the Thermo brand) recommend mixing components from different brands of valve modules. However, our customers tell us these valves have similar modular port threads and we have no reports of problems with crossbars, H-adapters and port plugs in that regard. The DIN-to-yoke adapter inserts along with the standard knobs, but not the Vindicator or XS Safety knobs, should be interchangeable without issues. Beyond cosmetics, we can also say for certain that some other internal parts of all four brands do have slight differences and are not interchangeable.

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