Shearwater - Petrel

A robust dive computer preferred for PO2 monitoring.

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Differences of Petrel vs Perdix Dive Computers

The Petrel was introduced in September 2012 and received a minor update as the Petrel2 in October 2014 to add the electronic compass. The Petrel2 received another minor update in September 2019 to add a titanium bezel. The Perdix, introduced in January 2016, while retaining identical software functionality represents a re-engineering of the case and electronics. The Perdix-AI, introduced in November 2016, includes support for wireless tank pressure monitoring. Compared to the Petrel display, the higher contrast Perdix display offers enhanced color range and saturation (especially reds, greens, and yellows). The power requirements of the Perdix are also significantly improved compared to the Petrel, offering 30% longer battery life (some users of the SAFT lithium battery may see as much as 50% improvement.)

The Petrel case is machined polyoxymethylene (aka POM and Delrin), which limits some of the case design options when compared to the molded fiberglass reinforced nylon Perdix case. The Perdix case is lower profile with a more contoured shape that is form fitting to the wrist. While face dimensions are similar the significantly thinner Perdix is 30% less total volume and 30% lighter than the Petrel. The Perdix case also incorporates features to support both elastic straps and bungee wrist mounts. The Petrel LCD display itself is very slightly larger than on the Perdix, but this is evident only when they are held next to each other. The Petrel is depth rated to { 980 fsw | 300 msw} and the Perdix is depth rated to { 850 fsw | 260 msw }.

The very robust case and titanium bezel design of the Petrel2 provides for an optional external cable connector and is better suited to integration with rebreathers. If you need support for monitoring an external oxygen sensor found on rebreathers, you must select the Petrel2 EXT. The Petrel2 design has been extensively qualified by rebreather OEMs and also written into the purchasing specifications of many governmental organizations.

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