Specialty Regulators

For 100% oxygen regulators visit Oxygen Accelerated Deco Regulator Packages.

For CCR bailout regulators visit Stage & Bailout Regulator Packages.

10 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. DGX Gears BC Integrated Backup Inflator With Adapter
    DGX Gears BCI Backup Regulator
  2. DGX Inflation Regulator w/OPV
    DGX Gears FIRST Regulator w/OPV
  3. EZ-ON Inflation Regulator System
    DGX Custom - EZ-ON Regulator Kit
    As low as $99.00
  4. EZ-ON Drysuit Inflation Kit w/ AL13
    DGX Custom - EZ-ON Drysuit Inflation Kit
    As low as $359.00
  5. DR Drysuit Inflation Regulator
    Dive Rite Drysuit Inflation Regulator
  6. Mares R2XR First Stage
    Mares R2XR First Stage
  7. Front View
    Mares VR Second Stage
  8. Mares SXS Second Stage
    Mares SXS Second Stage
  9. Static IP Kit with Apeks DS4
    Static IP Kit for Apeks DS4
    As low as $20.00
  10. Mounted on a DST (Optional)
    6-Port Technical Connection Upgrade for Apeks DST

Bailout/Deco Regulators

Good work-of-breathing on bailout/deco regulators is very important to ensure proper gas exchange. A switch to a bailout bottle, especially if due to hypercapnia, is always a demanding situation. Low quality, improperly maintained or incorrectly tuned regulators can perform poorly regardless of how shallow the depth, and the differences are subtle enough that you might not even realize what is happening. Despite these concerns, we observe that many divers seem to have a lack of respect for the regulators they use for bailout and deco applications. They purchase cheap and poorly performing regulators, or 'demote' an older primary and thereafter avoid performing proper routine maintenance. The reality is that all your regulators deserve the same attention and respect, and should be of equal quality and with performance matched to your MOD.