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There are much better ways to configure a SCUBA regulator for sport diving than the ubiquitous 'octopus' seen today. One of those better configurations are our Streamlined Open Water setups on this page. If you are unfamiliar with their benefits, please take a moment with our TekTip at the bottom of this page.

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Streamlined Open Water Regulator Configuration

Example Setups of Back Inflation with Long Hose

The Streamlined Open Water regulator set up is designed to keep hoses from dangling and also to maximize diver comfort. This configuration is very streamlined and efficient; it's the most popular single tank package configuration style offered by Dive Gear Express. In the streamlined configuration, the hose on the primary regulator routes under the diver's arm, lies flat against the chest, and neatly joins the second stage with a fixed-angle pivot swivel adapter, reducing mouth fatigue because the hose is no longer 'tugging' on your mouth. The backup regulator is tucked safely under the chin, allowing immediate access. In an emergency, the primary is donated while the backup is always instantly available. The SPG is clipped to the waist D-ring using the snap.

International Training (SDI) has provided an animated image that illustrates the benefit of this configuration when donating to another diver. In an emergency, the long hose primary second stage in your mouth is donated to your buddy in need and the short hose backup second stage is transferred to your mouth. Notice the tremendous speed which the out-of-air diver can receive the donation of a known good regulator with the venturi lever and cracking pressure adjustment knob both properly configured; no fumbling to reach a 'safe second' tucked away somewhere. You also gain the streamlined advantage of this configuration that keeps both hose lengths fairly short while routing the hoses much closer to your body. The streamlined configuration is a huge benefit when diving in current and when hunting. However, for best streamlining the diver also needs to leave that snorkel in the gear bag.

Technical divers always donate their longer hose primary, and never color code either regulator. For sport diving with the streamlined configuration, we also prefer the covers of both primary and backup second stages should be black. However, if you agree with the sport diving theory that in an out-of-air situation the donated regulator should be clearly apparent in the golden triangle, then the primary should have the yellow cover. Along the same line of thought, it is probably not a good idea to highlight the backup second stage with a yellow cover since it is on a hose too short to donate. Never-the-less, the photo of this configuration shows the short hose backup with a yellow cover just to differentiate the two regulators for the purposes of this illustration.