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Helmets Have Their Place In Diving

For a while, helmets fell out of favor with the diving community because they were perceived as an indicator that the diver lacked confidence in their buoyancy control skills. However, a head impact that would be a minor circumstance above water can have serious consequences when it occurs underwater. Helmets have returned to the sport with the emergence of the popularity of sidemount cave diving, sump diving, as well as high speed diver propulsion vehicles. In many cases, these types of activities make wearing a proper helmet an essential part of an equipment configuration for prudent exploration divers. The typical bicycle helmet is unacceptable for diving as its foam construction makes it positively buoyant. You should use a suspension design that has been adjusted so that your skull does not normally contact the sides of the helmet shell. Best practice for the use of all protection helmets is that they should be retired if they are dented, cracked or damaged and keep in mind that no helmet can offer full protection against impact and possible injury.


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