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When placing a new order, our fulfillment staff is not automatically alerted to the availability of store merchandise credit. To redeem your store merchandise credit please follow these instructions:

  1. Select "Secure Checkout" with a debit or credit card as the payment method. DO NOT checkout with Amazon or PayPal because they would charge your account in full before we have an opportunity to apply the store merchandise credit.
  2. Use the same e-mail address as the one that was previously issued a store merchandise credit.
  3. Use the Order Comments dialog box during checkout to write a request we apply your store merchandise credit to this order and include the words "Store Credit" in your message.
  4. Complete the new order as normal. Your store merchandise credit will be applied to the merchandise on your order. Your card will be used to collect the remaining balance along with sales tax and shipping charge, if any of those are applicable.

Store merchandise credit may only be redeemed for merchandise and can not be used to pay for sales taxes or shipping charges. Store merchandise credit is not transferable and expires two years after date of issue. Store merchandise credit has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

We are unable to take telephone orders because we can't take your payment card information over the telephone (why?). However, our online secure checkout process is designed to be easy to use, even on tablets and smartphones especially if you checkout with PayPal or Amazon. We even accept  Pay on compatible Apple devices. If you need help to make your order we are happy to stay on the phone with you to talk you through the entire process including the checkout. Placing the order online also reduces the risk of an order entry error because you will be able to see and verify your order before placing it.

As a last resort, if you have a PayPal account, we can manually enter an order on your behalf and manually issue a PayPal payment request. You'll then have to login to your PayPal account and approve the request. Once we receive your PayPal payment, we can release the order to shipping.

Yes, but you must have your own DGX account already registered and signed in to enable the wire transfer payment option:

  1. Please Create an Account or Sign In to our website; then shop as usual.
  2. Select "Secure Checkout" to begin Checkout process.
  3. Choose Bank Wire Transfer payment method.
  4. Place Order as normal.

When we begin processing your order, we will send you an email with our banking information you will need to arrange an electronic payment from your bank to ours. Once our bank confirms receipt of funds, your order will be released.

  1. The three or four digit security code entered must be correct for the card you are using.
  2. The billing name and address must be entered exactly as it appears on your card statement.
  3. If your card was not issued by a US bank, it must be enabled for international transactions in US Dollars.

Assuming all of the above is correct, a decline is usually from your bank or card issuer for security or funding reasons. You will need to call your bank or card issuer (their phone number is on the back of your card) to inquire further. If you have more than one card, trying with a different card will often work around the problem. If you are still having problems, please contact us directly.

We want all our products to be a great value so we present our lowest price everyday to everyone and we are proud of our five-star quality customer service. As much as we would like to have additional discounts for divemasters, instructors, military personnel, and groups, our prices are already as low as possible.

You also never have to "call for best price." In a few cases, where dive equipment manufacturers prevent us from showing you our price in the U.S. below their specified fixed minimum amount (known as a Minimum Advertised Price or MAP), you may see a lower "in-store" price in our shopping cart if you first Register and/or Sign In to your DGX customer account on our website.

Once you Sign In to your free DGX customer account, our prices are the same good value whether you shop online, our physical location, or call us. You may order with confidence that you haven't missed any discounts, coupons or promo codes.

Yes, your order can be shipped to an address other than your billing address by selecting "Secure Checkout" as your method of payment. Checking out by entering your credit card information will provide you the opportunity to manually enter any alternative "Ship To" address during the checkout process. You can also checkout with PayPal or Amazon, but you must first provide an alternate "Ship To" address in your PayPal or Amazon account.
We don't offer our own branded gift certificate or gift card because we think the perfect gift for your diving friend or loved one is a universal Visa® eGift Card that you can purchase online from™ in a personalized virtual version delivered directly to their e-mail. The favorite diver in your life can then shop and pay as normal using Secure Checkout on our website and their universal Visa eGift Card.

The reason is usually a security or funding issue. Those issues are outside our control, you will need to resolve the trouble by communicating directly with Amazon, PayPal, Apple Pay, or your bank. Note that, per Amazon's FAQ, gift cards entered into your Amazon account cannot be used to fund purchases with Amazon Pay on third-party websites such as Dive Gear Express.

Other causes of problems are shipping method or address selections may have to be made a second time because these systems don't always accept our defaults. Make sure you have explicitly selected your ship method and ship-to address on the checkout pages for these third party payment systems. We do not recommend checking out with these third party payment methods if you are selecting "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping option.

The quick solution to checkout problems with these online payment gateways is to complete your Dive Gear Express order by choosing "Secure Checkout" using your card. Entering your payment information on our website is as secure as these other payment methods, plus it allows alternate shipping address options.

Although we issue refunds immediately, card refund transactions are normally much slower to appear on bank card activity summaries than charge transactions. After we issue the refund to your bank card from our end, there can be a delay of several business days for a refund transaction to appear on the activity summary of your bank card. This is completely outside our control, the length of the delay is a function of how often the particular bank that issued your card processes their refund transactions. Longer delays are much more common with cross-border refunds to bank cards issued outside the US.

To investigate, first contact your bank at the phone number on the back of your card. Their customer service will be able to see the pending refund transaction and amount in their logs and can tell you when the refund will post to your account. If your bank does not have a pending refund transaction after you receive notification from us of the refund, please contact us and we will investigate from our end.

We are unable to accept purchase orders or extend credit terms. Orders may be placed through our website and we accept major brand purchase cards (P-cards) using our Secure Checkout option. You may also pre-pay using wire transfer.

We are not required to collect sales tax on orders we ship via licensed common carrier (USPS, UPS, DHL) to any domestic or international address outside of the State of Florida, USA.

If the order is shipped to an address inside Florida, then on tangible goods we must collect the sales tax appropriate for the delivery address. We list services such as training separately on our invoices, and those are tax-exempt.

If your order is not shipped via a licensed common carrier, for example you take delivery in our retail store or even if our staff hand carry the order to you outside Florida, then we must collect sales tax appropriate for our store location. Currently the Florida sales tax is 6% in Broward County where we are located.

If an order to be delivered inside Florida is for resale or use by a tax-exempt organization, write "Please apply tax certificate" in the special instructions dialog box at checkout. You must reply to the order confirmation email and send a copy of the DR-13 or DR-14 exemption certificate to us; we can not remove the tax or release the order until we receive a current certificate that matches the organization name and address on the order.

If the order is delivered inside Florida to a licensed customs broker for export, the Florida Administrative Code Sales and Use Tax Rule 12A-1.0015 provides for a refund of sales tax if certain exacting conditions are met. To apply, email us copies of the appropriate Rule 12A-1.0015 export documentation from the customs broker. Please be forewarned that typical small parcel forwarding agents and consolidators do not meet the conditions required for a tax refund.

Please read our SCUBA Diving Equipment Import Duties and Taxes page for detailed country by country guidelines to estimating duties and taxes.

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