Dive Rite QRM Mounting System

The Dive Rite Quick Release Mount (QRM) system will change the way you think about carrying your dive lights. Now with ease, divers are able to switch between different lights and/or mounting locations without the need to carry additional mounting systems. With the QRM system, divers even have the option to switch from a hand mounted light to a helmet mounted light, in just a matter of seconds.

Note there are four versions of the QRM system striker. The DR version is specifically for the Dive Rite canister lights with 2 mounting holes such as the MR11 and LUX style heads, the RX8, RX10, RX17 and the DGX 8700, HP50, and EX35 plus the BX2 and CX2 handhelds. The BX1 version is lower profile specifically for the Dive Rite BX1 series handheld lights. The UNI version is a universal mount that is adaptable to many other devices such as reels and other brands of light heads. There is also a striker version specifically for use with cylinder clamps.

The QRM uses a system of rollers and bands to easily clip a light head into the mount. The system is made up of two rollers, one fixed and one moving, joined together by a pair of heavy duty EPDM o-rings, all on a receiver plate. (The receiver always includes a spare pair of EPDM o-rings.) When the striker on the light is pushed against the front, moving roller or the receiver plate, the EPDM rings allow the front roller to move forward. Placing the striker into the channel of the receiver plate, pressing forward against the front roller and releasing, the EPDM rings will retract and hold both sides of the striker under the rollers, then use the locking lever to secure the QRM. To release the light head, unlock the QRM and simply push forward on the light head. The EPDM rings will stretch, the front roller moves forward, and lift up on the back of the light head. The strikers on the light head will be free from the rollers.

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