Order Status FAQ


If you are not able to successfully sign-in to your account, in nearly all cases it is because there is no account at Dive Gear Express using your current email address. If you have tried to reset your password and are not receiving the password reset email then you don't have an account (or the email is being redirected to your spam folder.) Most likely your previous order(s) were placed as a "guest" checkout, without first creating an account and signing-in to it. No worries, just create an account now and our system will automatically assign any previous guest orders with the same email to your new sign-in.

Our general policy is not to accept orders for products where demand exceeds supply yet the product is not physically in our warehouse. For more information about the sometimes deceptive pre-order practice, read Why We Don't Accept "Pre-Orders".

We know it is frustrating trying to purchase a product that is in short supply. Instead of accepting pre-orders, our product description pages will usually include a link titled "Notify me when this product is in stock." located near the out-of-stock product name. You may click on the link and enter your email address to register to receive an automated email alert when the item becomes available to order for immediate shipment. You may also wish to add our divegearexpress.com domain name to your contacts whitelist so the email will not be sidelined as spam. If the product is high demand, once you receive the alert we recommend you act fast to place your order as the item may rapidly sell out.

You may generate a non-binding written quote by adding the items you are considering to our electronic shopping cart and then proceeding through "Secure Checkout". The review page presented before placing an order is printable and will list all items, our part numbers and prices, and a total price including shipping.

We make an effort to maintain consistent product specifications, price and availability but they may change without notice. In particular, items that remain in a wish list or shopping cart may change before checkout.

Yes, we are now offering contact-less curbside delivery of pre-paid on-line orders to your car at our Pompano Beach store. See Curbside Pickup for details. If you prefer, we also ship same-day which is typically only one day transit time inside Southeast Florida.

We are unable to take telephone orders because we can't take your payment card information over the telephone in order to protect your information. However, our online secure checkout process is designed to be easy to use. If you need help to make your order we are happy to stay on the phone with you to talk you through the entire process including the checkout. Placing the order online also reduces the risk of an order entry error because you will be able to see and verify your order before placing it.

As a last resort, we can manually enter an order on your behalf and manually issue a PayPal payment request. If you have a PayPal account, you'll then have to login to your PayPal account and approve the request. If you don't have a PayPal account, and do not wish to create one, you can check your email for a message from PayPal with a link to a unique PayPal page where you can enter your credit card to make a one time payment. Once we receive your PayPal payment, we can release the order to shipping.

We don't offer our own branded gift certificate or gift card because we think the perfect gift for your diving friend or loved one is a universal Visa® eGift Card that you can purchase online from GiftCards.com™ in a personalized virtual version delivered directly to their e-mail. The favorite diver in your life can then shop and pay as normal using Secure Checkout on our website and their universal Visa eGift Card.

As a general rule, we are unable to accept purchase orders or extend credit terms. Orders may be placed through our website and we accept most government and corporate purchase cards† using our Secure Checkout option. You may also pre-pay using wire transfer.

There is an exception for US Federal Government entities on orders exceeding $5000.00 associated with our CAGE code 79ZV5. If your purchase qualifies, please Contact Us for further information.

† Some corporate purchase cards have restrictions by class of merchant. If your card transaction is declined, it might be because we are classified as a recreational sporting goods merchant and in rare circumstances your card may have a restriction against purchases from such merchants. In such cases, you may need to contact your accounting department to have the restriction removed.

If you have not yet received notification that your order has shipped, we can accommodate most types of edits to your order.

For simple changes to your order, you can just reply to the order confirmation e-mail you received to make your request. If you prefer, you can also send your request via our Contact Us page with enough information to identify your order. If the edit results in a change in the payment total for your order, depending on how you paid we may be able to adjust the payment amount or we may need to issue a separate refund or payment request in the amount of the adjustment.

For significant additions it's often more expedient to just place another order, and in the "special instructions" dialog box just above the "Place Order" button request we merge the order with the previous order number. If you are due any refund of shipping charges we'll make the appropriate adjustment.

For significant changes please keep in mind that our manual edits may increase the likelihood of an error. Depending on the circumstances it may be easier to enter a replacement order and in the "special instructions" dialog box just above the "Place Order" button request we cancel the previous order number.

If you have not yet received notification that your order has shipped, we usually can succeed in cancelling your order before it leaves our warehouse. You can just reply to the order confirmation e-mail you received with your request. If you prefer, you can also send your request via our Contact Us page with enough information to identify your order.

Depending on your method of payment and if you have not yet received notification that your order has shipped, we usually can succeed in changing the shipping address on your order before it leaves our warehouse. If you paid for your order using PayPal, their shipping address change rules may apply. If you paid for your order using "Secure Checkout", you can just reply to the order confirmation e-mail you received with your request.

Orders shipped outside the US are subject to local import fees that will be collected by the courier upon delivery. Please read our article titled Customs Clearance for Small Parcels for a detailed explanation of import duty and tax. Please read our SCUBA Diving Equipment Import Duties and Taxes page for detailed country by country guidelines to estimating duties and taxes.

We always reply promptly during business hours, so in order of probability...

  1. Our messages are being redirected or rejected as spam. This might be resolved by adding our domain name to the allowed contacts list of the receiving mailbox.
  2. If you previously marked one of our transaction emails as spam (for example, an order acknowledgement or tracking number notice) then our outbound SMTP email gateway Postmark will block our sending all subsequent emails from our side, no matter how important. There is no workaround other than to use a different email address for placing orders and communicating with us.
  3. There was a typographical error when entering the email address on the order. We can resolve this, just send us enough information to identify your order and the correct email address.
  4. The address provided is an alternate, backup, 'junk' mailbox or contains a +folder that routes our messages somewhere unexpected. This is resolved by checking all your mailboxes and +folders.
  5. The email address is forwarding to a different address, and the forwarding address is refusing to receive our messages from other than our authenticated sending server. (This happens when an old address, hosted on a Microsoft Exchange based service such as Outlook and Hotmail or a corporate server, is being forwarded to a modern DMARC secured service such as Gmail or Yahoo.) This is resolved by communicating with us from an email address that is not forwarded and asking us to update the email address in our records so that we send messages directly to the receiving mailbox.
  6. Although rare, the occasional email message does get garbled by the internet during relay by mail transport agents and fail to deliver; especially when a message contains large attachments such as videos, images or documents. Resending the message broken in to smaller pieces usually succeeds.

If you are not receiving our messages when you expect them nor replies to your e-mails, it may take a telephone call to us at +1 954-977-6009 during our business hours in order to resolve electronic communication problems.