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  1. Dive Rite XT Standard SS Backplate
    Dive Rite XT Backplate - Stainless
    Special Price $101.00 Regular Price $135.00
  2. Side Panels Available in BLUE, RED, PINK and GREY
    Dive Rite Travel EXP Wing
    Special Price $239.00 Regular Price $319.00
  3. Rec EXP and XT Wings
    Dive Rite Rec Wing
    As low as $261.00
  4. Travel XT Armored Wing - Front
    Dive Rite Travel XT Armored Wing
    Special Price $284.00 Regular Price $379.00
  5. CCR XT Wing
    Dive Rite CCR Wing
    As low as $459.00
  6. Front View
    Dive Rite DC Thigh Pocket XT, Velcro Closure
    Special Price $45.00 Regular Price $60.00
  7. Essentials Accessory Package for Open Water
    Dive Rite Essentials Accessory Package
    Special Price $109.86 Regular Price $150.00
  8. Cookie Spool with Hose Clip Retainer
    Dive Rite Cookie Spool
    Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $14.00

Why Choose Dive Rite?

Many serious divers prefer the Dive Rite brand. That's because Dive Rite has a reputation for rugged, reliable gear that simply works. No frills, no gimmicks. Dive Rite delivers quality, dependable gear that is designed by divers for divers.

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