Dive Rite Canister Mounting Straps

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These handy mounting straps can be used to attach a light canister to the side of a TransPac harness or metal backplate

Dive Rite Canister Mounting Straps

Strap with Small Clamps
Strap with Small Clamps Mounted on Canister

An alternative for canister mounting that allows a diver to attach the light along the side of a TransPac harness or metal backplate. If the light switch is on the canister lid, it works best to mount the canister with the switch pointed down so that it is easy to reach. This strap can also be used to 'butt mount' your light canister along the bottom of the Transpac, Nomad or metal backplate and works well for sidemount and rebreather divers with canister lights where the switch is mounted on the head such as the Dive Rite RX series. Available in two versions, the strap only version includes a {7.5 in L x 1 in W | 17.8 cm x 2.5 cm} nylon strap with two sewn-in {1 in | 2.5 cm} D-rings and two medium quick links. The strap is also available in a version that includes two canister clamps for those canisters up to {2.75 in | 7 cm} in diameter that don't already have two suitable clamps (choose this version if you are replacing the Quick Belt Mount feature on your Slimline canister.)

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