Dive Rite POM Finger Spools

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Dive Rite brand finger spools with a S/S Snap, in your choice of line color and size.

Dive Rite POM Finger Spools

Size and Color Options
Size and Color Options Side View Top View Detail of Spool Shape
  • Durable injection molded Polyoxymethylene (POM aka "Delrin") spool
  • DuPont braid line for strength and minimizes fraying
  • Loaded with #24 line in choice of color
  • Very low-profile reel for use with marking or lift bags
  • Stainless bolt snap included

These Dive Rite® Finger Spools are made of injection molded Polyoxymethylene (POM aka "Delrin"), loaded with #24 line in your choice of white or orange and include a large { 4.5 in | 11 mm } S/S bolt snap. In addition to being used as a guideline reel, the larger finger spool is also a good choice for open water divers who seek a very low-profile reel for use with marking/lift bags.

Size #24 Line Diameter Width Center Hole
Small { 60 ft | 18 m } { 3.1 in | 7.9 cm } { 1.3 in | 3.4 cm } { 0.9 in | 2.2 cm }
Large { 120 ft | 37 m } { 3.5 in | 8.8 cm } { 1.8 in | 4.2 cm } { 0.9 in | 2.2 cm }
All specifications are approximate.
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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 0.500000

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History of the Finger Spool

In the early days of cave diving, guideline reels were not available for purchase and divers made their own using anything they could find. Cave diving pioneer Woody Jasper used a medical tape spool with cover to hold a short length of line for use as a gap reel. North Florida cave diver Bill Hogarth Main popularized using smaller electrical wire spools for safety and jump reels. Today, purpose built finger spools are more ergonomically designed and constructed from more durable materials than the original homemade solutions. The holes in the side allow for clipping a double ended snap anywhere along the perimeter of the finger spool to keep the line tight when not in use. Small and low-profile, a finger spool fits nicely out of the way in a pocket or clipped off to a D-ring. The larger finger spools are also an alternative to reels for shooting lift bags and surface marking tubes.