Dive Rite XT4 Second Stage

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The Dive Rite XT4 Balanced Second Stage Regulator is a premium pneumatically balanced downstream compact design featuring ultra high performance.

The ambidextrous design of the XT4 can be configured to accept the hose from either the diver's right or left side and may be ordered in either configuration. The XT4 can be easily re-configured for either side by anyone qualified to service Dive Rite regulators.

When purchased separately, individual regulator stages remain as factory configured by the manufacturer and final integration must, out of necessity, become a customer responsibility.

Dive Rite XT4 Second Stage

Front View - Right Inlet Orientation
Front View - Right Inlet Orientation Right and Left Inlet Orientations XT4 and XT2 Comparison Front View - Left Inlet Orientation XT4 and XT2 Comparison
  • High performance pneumatically balanced downstream design
  • All internal moving parts are Teflon coated, suitable for warm and cold-water
  • Metal adjustment knob, metal retaining nut with heat sink, metal purge cover exoskeleton
  • Available in black color only and right-hand or left-hand inlet orientation
  • Recently introduced, not currently CE EN250 approved

The Dive Rite XT4 High Performance Balanced Second Stage Regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream design featuring the next generation of second stage regulator performance at Dive Rite. Offering serious performance and an exceptionally low work of breathing in a compact design, the XT4 will be there for you on your most demanding dives with a streamlined package perfect for technical divers. The XT4 offers high-performance with a slightly more compact faceplate and a significantly smaller exhaust tee. The XT4 replaces plastic with metal for things like the adjustment knob and cover exoskeleton, plus including a finned heat exchanger for better cold water performance. A compact yet easy grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free flow at surface and is suitable for use with gloves. The enhanced micro-adjustment knob allows the diver to fine tune cracking pressure so breathing characteristics precisely matches diver personal preference. A unique deflection ring works to maximize performance while deterring free flow and all internal moving parts are TeflonĀ® coated for cold-water diving. The XT4 also includes a long bite orthodontic mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue. At just 9.4 oz (266 g) it is lightweight for travel but maintains a substantial feel in the hand. The regulator comes standard with a solid black cover, color kits are not currently available.

The XT4 includes a user adjustable, secondary micro spring adjustment in the end of the main adjustment knob. This allows independent adjustment of the spring preload and can be used to easily fine tune the cracking pressure without disassembly of the 2nd stage. This can be useful for those who prefer a higher cracking pressure, or to make minor adjustments as the low pressure seat breaks in. The finned heat exchanger is designed to improve cold-water performance. The internal components of the second stage can get very cold due to adiabatic cooling as the pressure of the breathing gas drops from intermediate pressure to ambient pressure at the second stage. In very cold-water diving, the temperatures can become low enough to freeze the moisture from your exhaled breath and cause the regulator to stop functioning correctly. The heat exchanger combats this issue by helping to warm the internal metal components of the regulator to the surrounding water temperature. Additional features include an updated low pressure seat design that improves performance and requires less frequent adjustment.

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