Dive Rite ES150 Frameless Mask

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Dive Rite Frameless Single Pane Mask

Dive Rite ES150 Frameless Mask

Dive Rite ES150 Frameless Mask
Dive Rite ES150 Frameless Mask
  • Low-volume single lens frameless design
  • Soft comfortable black silicone skirt
  • Flexible mask strap buckles for durability
  • Fits most standard to wide faces

The Dive Rite ES150 mask design combines the frameless benefit of easy clearing, light weight, compactness and durability with the stable and secure fit found on traditional framed masks.

The large single lens improves your peripheral and look-down vision and includes silicone skirt, tempered lenses, and easily adjustable strap. Textured panels on the outside of the nose pocket make gripping and pinching the nose for equalization easy, even with gloves. Flexible mask strap buckles add to the comfort of the mask and allow it to be stowed without concern of breaking a buckle. The Dive Rite single lens mask fits most standard-to-wide faces and will accommodate facial hair, large noses, and high brows. All Dive Rite masks from Dive Gear Express include a quality protective storage box.

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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 1.250000

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
Example water entry with diver protecting mask and regulator

This mask is not a "pool toy"; it is intended for use by SCUBA divers who are trained to make a proper water entry while protecting the mask and regulator with their hand. Improper handling or use may cause lenses to shatter upon impact.

Don't use toothpaste as an abrasive cleaner on modern dive masks, especially those masks that have optical quality ultra-clear glass lenses, vision correction lenses or 'optical coatings' on the lenses. You will either damage the lenses, or needlessly waste toothpaste since most modern toothpaste formulations are not at all abrasive. The same goes for using a lighter to 'burn' the lens to prepare a new mask. Dive Gear Express will not warranty masks that have been treated with abrasives or burned with lighters.

Most new dive masks do have mold release agents in the flexible skirt that during storage will migrate to the surface of the lens and cause fogging. These deposits can be safely removed with an extra application of a powerful surfactant like liquid dish soap, baby shampoo, SeaQuick or SeaDrops defog.