DGX Custom - Dive Rite TransPac Doubles Package

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Build a TransPac XT BC for doubles tank diving custom configured to your specifications

DGX Custom - Dive Rite TransPac Doubles Package

2021 TransPac XT Doubles Package w/ Rec XT
2021 TransPac XT Doubles Package w/ Rec XT Front View Harness with Wing Included with Package Included with Package
  • A complete ready-to-dive system from Dive Rite
  • Modular harness and wing system for versatility
  • Comfortable fit - durable lightweight material
  • Even distribution of weight in and out of the water
  • Includes crotch strap, tank straps, and mounting plates for doubles
  • Harness: Your choice of (2021 Model) Dive Rite Transpac XT sizes, with crotch strap and two tank straps
  • Aircell: Your choice of Dive Rite EXP Wings or XT Armored Wings for doubles
  • Dive Rite Mounting Plates for doubles

If you need weight pockets then add for an extra fee:

  • Optional Dive Rite Weight Pockets: { 8 lb | 3.6 kg } Travel pockets, or { 12 lb | 5.4 kg } Quick Release, or { 20 lb | 9.1 kg } or { 32 lb | 14.5 kg } Quick Buckle capacity

The double tank package comes standard with the { 1.5 in | 3.8 cm } soft slide release crotch strap and includes two { 36 in | 91.4 cm } cam straps for reconfiguring the TransPac for single tank diving (note however we do not recommend the Classic wing with singles). Drysuit or DPV divers may wish to upgrade to the optional { 2 in | 5.1 cm } padded crotch strap.

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