DGX Custom - Dive Rite XT1/XT2 Bailout Reg Package

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The DGX Custom - Dive Rite XT Bailout Reg Package offers the perfect compact setup for a bailout bottle regulator system

DGX Custom - Dive Rite XT1/XT2 Bailout Reg Package

Sample XT1/XT2 Bailout Reg Package
Sample XT1/XT2 Bailout Reg Package XT1 First Stage XT2 Second Stage Right and Left Configurations
  • Complete bailout bottle regulator configuration
  • Swivel turret first stage w/ 5 LP and 2 HP ports
  • Choose Flex or Rubber hoses and Color preference
  • Assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready

The high performance of the Dive Rite XT offers an excellent choice for a bailout bottle regulator package. Ideal for CCR divers this package includes everything required for a safe bailout if the need arises. The swivel turret along with 5 LP ports of the first stage ensures multiple hose routing options and the compact second stage assists with a low profile streamlined rig. The bailout bottle package includes the Mini-SPG (Button Gauge) as this configuration is intended to be as streamlined as possible when not in use. Choose the BC inflator hose length of your choice. The version from Dive Gear Express comes assembled and includes:

  • One Dive Rite XT First Stage
  • One Dive Rite XT 2nd Stage
  • {40 in | 1 m} braided flex or rubber LP hose in Yellow or Black
  • Mini-SPG in PSI or BAR
  • S/S Bolt Snap & DIN Cap
  • Add an optional BC Inflator hose

The Dive Rite XT is Cold Water and Nitrox Ready.

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Bailout/Deco Regulators

Good work-of-breathing on bailout/deco regulators is very important to ensure proper gas exchange. A switch to a bailout bottle, especially if due to hypercapnia, is always a demanding situation. Low quality, improperly maintained or incorrectly tuned regulators can perform poorly regardless of how shallow the depth, and the differences are subtle enough that you might not even realize what is happening. Despite these concerns, we observe that many divers seem to have a lack of respect for the regulators they use for bailout and deco applications. They purchase cheap and poorly performing regulators, or 'demote' an older primary and thereafter avoid performing proper routine maintenance. The reality is that all your regulators deserve the same attention and respect, and should be of equal quality and with performance matched to your MOD.