Dive Rite Modular Tech Butt Plate

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The Dive Rite Modular Tech Butt Plate allow sidemounting of stage and bailout cylinders

Dive Rite Modular Tech Butt Plate

Dive Rite Modular Tech Butt Plate
Dive Rite Modular Tech Butt Plate
  • Perfect for hard backplates or soft harnesses
  • Made of reinforced denier nylon for durability
  • Two stainless steel "handles" for secure attachment
  • Includes 3 metal assembly screws
  • Accommodates any size crotch strap

If you would like to sidemount stage and bailout cylinders with backmount doubles or rebreather, add a sidemount butt plate to your backmount harness using the Tech Butt plate. The shorter tech butt plate's rectangular shape places tank attachment points out from under backmount gear and closer to the edge of the diver's body with the rail facing outwards on the plate, making it easier to find and clip. The Tech Butt plate works great for diving from boats and for use with rebreathers. The Tech Butt plate is made of reinforced nylon to provide the proper amount of rigidity to hold sidemount tanks in position and eliminate sag with two stainless steel handles used for tank attachment. It accommodates any size crotch strap and includes metal assembly screws for securing butt plate to metal backplate or TransPac soft backplate.

Dimensions are approximately {7 in | 17.7 cm} height x {13.5 in | 34 cm} wide

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