Frequently Answered Questions - FAQ

Tracking and Delivery

Orders with Super Saver shipping are typically delivered within about 1 to 2 weeks for domestic US and 2 to 4 weeks for international, after your order is dispatched.

Packages shipped via UPS and DHL expedited services typically take about a week, occasionally less. Delivery via USPS to any address outside the US is historically about two to four weeks, not counting any time required to clear local Customs.

However, reduced airline schedules has reduced air cargo capacity which in turn can cause unavoidable transit delays, especially in expedited and international deliveries, so the carriers have announced suspension of various service level guarantees.

International shipping is very reliable and Dive Gear Express guarantees safe arrival of your order.

​It depends on the carrier and circumstances, but the short answer is probably "be patient". All the carriers have suspended their transit time guarantees, but the transit delays in most cases are just a few days although we've seen a few longer delays via US Postal Service (USPS). For more information see our Transit Delays Advisory

When tracking indicates a package has delivered yet you have not seen it, in most cases the package was collected by a family member or co-worker, left with a nearby third-party, or was deposited somewhere unforeseen. We ask you please search for a few minutes and if you don't find the package or a notice then please Contact Us.

In most cases the answer is NO for domestic residential addresses. However, the answer ultimately depends on the carrier, service level and delivery address.

ADVISORY: Dive electronics are always shipped as "Signature Required", but you may use the appropriate USPS, UPS or DHL website to authorize delivery without signature. However, by doing so you are accepting liability for the risk of loss or theft.

International shipping almost always requires a signature, but packages might deliver without signature when no duties or taxes are due. Packages shipped with DHL can be delivered without signature required if you have made prior payment arrangements via DHL On Demand.

USPS Priority Mail domestic service does not require signature on delivery for most orders. You can manage delivery of your package via USPS Informed Delivery®.

UPS domestic services theoretically all require signature on delivery unless they have your specific request via UPS My Choice® to release without signature. While UPS drivers on commercial routes seem to almost always get both a name and signature, drivers often do not get either at residential addresses. Recently, UPS has begun waiving signature requirements for some commercial addresses. However, in locations where UPS has a history of non-delivery claims they may not deliver without signature regardless of service level or address. Our experience also suggests drivers usually ignore requests we write on packages such as specific placement or leave without signature.

Super Saver domestic shipping can use carriers with a variety of different policies and so we are unable to predict if signature will be required until the carrier has been determined, but in most cases the answer is no.

Please read our SCUBA Diving Equipment Import Duties and Taxes page for detailed country by country guidelines to estimating duties and taxes.
Yes, your order will ship with a certified true and correct itemized invoice that lists any paid shipping charges separately. When you take advantage of our free shipping option, then shipping terms are DAP destination (Incoterms 2020) and no shipping charge is reflected on the invoice. For orders with free shipping, upon request we can provide an pro forma invoice that lists our actual shipping cost together with equal discount line items such that the total value of the invoice remains unchanged.

We have three carriers we can use for delivery to Canada: US Postal Service (USPS) plus UPS and DHL. USPS (delivered via Canadian Post) is slow, but has a modest CAD $9.95 clearance fee. Our Canadian customers tell us both UPS and DHL, while very fast sometimes also have objectionable clearance fees. Normally, we prefer to ship to Canada via USPS, but international shipments via USPS have recently been experiencing very long transit time delays and so we are avoiding USPS to Canada as the lesser of the evils.

Clearance fees can be egregious on small orders, so Canadian customers may wish to consider self-clearing.

Regardless, you are responsible for Canadian Taxes applicable at the delivery address. Although the carriers are required by Canadian law to contact the addressee either by telephone or letter regarding the disposition of taxes, our customers tell us sometimes they are NOT receiving any contact. If the addressee is not proactive about settling taxes, the package may simply fail to deliver and eventually automatically return to us.

We strongly recommend monitoring your package using the tracking number we send you when we ship your order and once it clears customs then use the appropriate Canada Post, UPS My Choice, or DHL On Demand website to make payment online ahead of delivery.

Origin documentation requirements are fulfilled with a U.S. International Customs Form together with our retail invoice. Both are included with every international shipment from Dive Gear Express and both clearly document "Country of Origin: USA".

On very rare occasions, some local officials (notably in South Korea and some Middle Eastern countries) may still request a signed Certificate of Origin. A CoO is associated with wholesale export of containerized bulk goods, not small retail parcels. We are not authorized to issue a formal CoO, but upon request we can e-mail a signed copy of our invoice for your shipment with a bold red stamp "Country of Origin: USA". In our experience the stamped and signed invoice copy has always been accepted as a substitute for a formal Certificate of Origin.


If you prefer, you may return any merchandise directly to our retail store at the same address above.