South East Florida Diving Logistics

The Southeast Florida area dive boats welcome Nitrox divers, rebreather divers, technical divers, as well as plain ol' recreational sport divers. Dive Gear Express is happy to recommend a local dive boat where your style of diving is welcome.

Broward County Dive Boats

This list is neither comprehensive, always up-to-date, or intended as an endorsement or recommendation.

Dive Boat Name Telephone Boat Location Length/Capacity†
American Dream II 954-577-0338 Fort Lauderdale 46-foot Newton dive boat / 24
Aqua View 954-783-2299 Pompano Beach 45-foot custom catamaran / 35
Black Pearl 954-783-2299 Pompano Beach 45-foot custom catamaran / 35
Diversity 561-368-9952 Deerfield Beach 30-foot Island-Hopper dive boat / 18
Lady Go Diver 954-420-0009 Deerfield Beach 48-foot Newton dive boat / 28
Miss Conduct 954-815-9424 Pompano Beach 30-foot custom dive boat / 6
O Sea D 954-942-7333 Pompano Beach 42-foot Burpee dive boat / 20
Safari Diver 954-783-2299 Pompano Beach 34-foot custom dive boat / 12
Sea Experience II 954-467-6000 Fort Lauderdale 45-foot Catamaran / 40
Seafish 561-305-6472 Deerfield Beach 26-foot Ocean Star dive boat / 6
Scubatyme III 954-786-0909 Pompano Beach 40-foot Newton dive boat / 24
Under Pressure 954-943-2628 Pompano Beach 31-foot custom dive boat / 6
Dive Boat Name Telephone Boat Location Length/Capacity†
† Many boats limit the number of divers to something less than the USCG certified passenger capacity.

Palm Beach County Dive Boats

This list is neither comprehensive, always up-to-date, or intended as an endorsement or recommendation.

Dive Boat Name Telephone Boat Location Length/Capacity†
Deep Obsession 561-842-6356 Riviera Beach, FL 40' / 22 divers
Divocean 561-575-3483 Jupiter, FL 36' /16 divers
Down Deep 772-600-8288 Tequesta, FL 36' / 22 divers
Emerald 561-248-8332 Jupiter, FL 42' / 13 divers
Explorer 561-577-3326 Boynton Beach, FL 34' /  6 divers
Little Deeper 772-600-8288 Riveria Beach, FL 38' / 20 divers
Loggerhead 561-588-8686 Boynton Beach, FL 36' / 16 divers
Marin 561-840-8750 Riviera Beach, FL 36' / 19 divers
Miss Jackie 561-222-3822 Riviera Beach, FL 33' / 6 divers
Narcosis 561-630-0606 West Palm Beach, FL 48' / 20 divers
Republic IV & VII 561-745-7807 Jupiter, FL 42' / 20 divers
Sandy's Sunday 561-776-5974 West Palm Beach, FL 30' / 11 divers
Scuba Club Loggerhead III 561-844-2466 Riviera Beach, FL 40' / 20 divers
Sirena 561-840-8750 Riviera Beach, FL 30' / 12 divers
Splashdown 561-736-0712 Boynton Beach, FL 38' / 16 divers
StarFish Enterprise 561-212-2954 Boynton Beach, FL 34' / 14 divers
Dive Boat Name Telephone Boat Location Length/Capacity†
† Many boats limit the number of divers to something less than the USCG certified passenger capacity.

NOAA Marine Conditions Reports and Forecasts

Keep in mind that NOAA condition reports and forecasts are just guidelines and tend to be pessimistic. They are notoriously inaccurate for dive planning purposes. However, if you are very susceptible to seasickness, be wary when the NOAA Coastal Waters Marine Forecast text reports wave heights exceeding 5 feet with winds that exceed 15 knots especially if winds are out of the East.

Windfinder™ for Deerfield Beach, FL

Some local dive boat captains seem to prefer the Windfinder wind, wave and weather forecast for Deerfield Beach. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. The forecast is based on the GFS model. The horizontal resolution is about 13 km. Forecasts are computed 4 times a day, at about 1:00 AM, 7:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Predictions are available in time steps of 3 hours for up to 10 days into the future. The arrows point in the direction that the wind is blowing.

Live Streaming Beach, Ocean and Underwater Cameras

Although it requires a bit of experience to observe near the shore line to estimate dive conditions at the reefs further out, many locals and boat captains do like to take look from the beach if there is any uncertainty in the forecast. There are a LOT of personal computer cameras looking out the windows of high rise condos, but they come and go too frequently to be reliable enough to be listed here. However, the City of Deerfield Beach maintains a page that streams three high resolution permanently maintained cameras. The Ocean and Beach cameras pan back and forth along the beach, pier, ocean and horizon; if you are patient you'll see some flags on the pier that will give you an idea of winds. You can't really determine anything about water clarity from the underwater camera, as the view there is always relatively murky due to proximity to the beach.

Average Water & Air Temps for Greater Ft Lauderdale

Fahrenheit Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Water Temp. (°F) 71 73 75 78 80 84 86 84 83 79 76 73
Air Temp. (°F) 66.2 66.6 70.9 74.3 77.7 81.0 82.4 82.8 81.9 78.1 72.7 68.4
Celsius Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Water Temp. (°C) 21.6 22.8 23.9 25.6 26.7 28.9 30 28.9 28.3 26.1 24.4 22.8
Air Temp. (°C) 19 19.2 21.6 23.5 25.4 27.2 28 28.2 27.7 25.6 22.6 20.2

Typical Sport Diving Boat Trip in South East Florida

Booking Policies of Area Dive Boats

  • Last-minute bookings can usually be accommodated. However, we recommend making reservations a few days in advance. Weekends, holidays, technical trips and lobster mini-season often require earlier reservations. Please make reservations directly with the boat. Reservations may be guaranteed with a credit card.
  • Most boats charge between $55 and $65 per person for the typical 'Two-Dive Half-Day' sport diving trip, with the largest boats having the lowest prices because they can distribute the fuel costs over more passengers. Prices may vary for special destinations; for example technical trips are usually $10 to $15 more. Reduced rates are often available for large groups and full boat charters.
  • Dive masters work for gratuities, typically $5 to $10 per diver, which is not included in the charter price.
  • Parking may not be free depending on boat dock location; public parking is typically $1.25 per hour.
  • You will be required to sign a detailed Assumption of Risk and Liability waiver before departure. These typically make clear that the trip charter fee is for transportation only and you alone are responsible for your safety while diving. For legal reasons, trips must be paid in full prior to boarding boat.
  • You may cancel 48 hours prior to departure time and receive a full refund. Failure to show up may result in your being charged for the trip.
  • The captain reserves the right to cancel or change dive sites, profiles and surface interval due to weather and sea conditions, experience level of divers, and other charters already diving/fishing the planned site. If the captain cancels the trip prior to departure, you will receive a full refund.


  • Make sure your dive equipment is complete and dive-ready.
  • Most boats can supply AL-80 tank rentals of air or 32% Nitrox.
  • If desired, pack a towel, sun block, sunglasses and hat, medications, special foods/beverages, cash for tips and parking, etc.
  • Check in at the dock with the captain at least 20 minutes before trip departure time.
  • Always ask about acceptable parking locations after unloading, rapid towing of improperly parked cars is commonplace.
  • Bring proof of qualification to dive; typically a certification card and dive log. †
  • Do not make any assumptions about weather or sea conditions. If you are concerned, call the boat.
  • If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking an over-the-counter motion sickness medication the night before your trip just prior to going to sleep.


  • Trip length is normally about 4 hours and departs on time.
  • Travel time to the first dive site usually takes less than 30 minutes, typically 15-20 minutes.
  • You hear a safety briefing and a report of present conditions at each dive site.
  • Captain is U.S. Coast Guard certified and has dived the area for many years.
  • Boats carrying more than six divers will have a divemaster/mate.
  • All boats carry marine radio, cell phone, first aid supplies and emergency oxygen on board.
  • All boats provide ice and drinking water. Some boats also provide free sodas and snacks.
  • All boats have an emergency marine head (toilet) on board.
  • All boats have a limited volume freshwater rinse on board.


  • Sport trips include two dive sites (usually a wreck and reef, or two reefs).
  • Wreck dives are usually made using a buoyed decent line attached to the wreck.
  • Reef dives are usually drift style, and Florida law requires a dive flag/float and line for each dive team.
  • Upon request, boats can provide free dive flag/float and line.
  • You determine your dive profile, however divers may be asked to be back on the boat in an hour.
  • Usual minimum surface intervals are 30 minutes for Nitrox divers and 1 hour for air divers.
  • Surface interval can vary depending upon depths of first and second dive.
  • Depending on the circumstances, some captains allow solo diving for very experienced and properly equipped divers.

† Some dive operators have changed how your suitability to dive is determined. The diver certification card ("C-card") may not be considered adequate documentation of qualification to dive in Southeast Florida. Instead, you may be required to sign a waiver attesting to a list of specific declarations regarding your current health, physical condition, dive training and recent experience.

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