Delivery Problems

We guarantee safe arrival of your order.

Guaranteed safe arrival means we are responsible for delivery to the order ship-to address and ownership transfers to you upon delivery from the carrier to that address. You are responsible for providing the correct address of a safe and secure delivery location, collecting the order from the carrier and promptly notifying us of any discrepancies. For international orders shipped outside the US, you are also responsible for paying import duty and tax upon delivery. Please note the special conditions for orders shipped to APO/FPO/DPO mailboxes and orders with specified date delivery.

Once you become aware of a delivery problem, your first step is to find the problem description below and then Contact Us as appropriate for the circumstances. Rest assured that we handle each case individually and try to tailor a resolution to your specific needs.

Tracking "Voided" Status -- No worries, this happens when we made a change to a package after the shipping label was printed but before the package was picked up by the carrier. Often, this is the result of a very last minute customer request. As appropriate, we will reship using a new label and new tracking number.

No Tracking, "Pending", "Label Created", or "Pre-Shipment" Status -- Tracking may not be immediately available once you receive your tracking number. The most common reason is simply the package is awaiting pickup scan by the carrier; most tracking will start updating by 9 PM Eastern Time. Tracking takes a business day to begin updating when the package was processed very late in the day after our daily carrier pickup. If the tracking has not updated when you think it should, please contact us and we will investigate immediately.

USPS Tracking "Package Acceptance Pending" Status -- Don't worry, this means your package is on it's way to you. When your order is picked up by the US Post Office truck the tracking status changes to "Accepted" or "Shipment Received", but with a confusing remark "Package Acceptance Pending". At the Post Office receiving facility itself the individual packages are supposed to be scanned by hand as they are moved from the USPS truck into the facility, and the tracking status will change to "In-Transit". Sometimes the facility acceptance hand scan step is not performed by postal workers, often in order to avoid transit delays because of a peak work load at the facility. In this circumstance, your package is in transit for on-time delivery by USPS but may remain in the "Package Acceptance Pending" status until it is actually delivered.

No door-to-door tracking -- Some low cost services we use if you selected "Super Saver" shipping do not offer in-transit tracking and checking the tracking will indicate the status as simply picked up or received until the package status changes to delivered. If the package has not been delivered when you think it should, please contact us and we will investigate immediately.

Delay -- Delays in transit are usually caused by either equipment failures, capacity overloads, or inclement weather. Delays in transit for international packages can also be due to Customs backlogs. These delays are usually brief, well beyond our control, and unfortunately there is no better source of information about the delay than might visible in the online tracking. Normally the best strategy is just to wait one or two days for the package to get back on course to the final destination. If the delay appears it is going to be unacceptably long, then our options are to reship the order via a different carrier service level or to issue a refund. In those cases, when the redundant or unpaid order eventually shows up then you are responsible for returning the package to us at our expense.

Insufficient Address -- If the ship-to address entered on the order is insufficient, typically because an apartment or suite number was omitted, in many cases the carrier will contact us for additional information or in some cases we may be able to contact the carrier. If we are unable to provide additional information to the carrier, then the package will return to us automatically and our options are to reship the order to a different address or to issue a refund.

Wrong Address -- In the case of UPS and DHL packages in transit, using your tracking number you can request an address change with the appropriate UPS My Choice®, or DHL On Demand website upon payment of a small fee. In the case of US Postal Service and third party contract carriers, they provide no method for requesting return or redirection of a package in transit. If the ship-to address entered on the order is incorrect the package will return to us automatically when the address doesn’t exist or the package is refused and our options are to reship the order to a different address or to issue a refund.

Attempted or Refused Delivery -- If the addressee is not available the driver may not leave an unattended package or someone refused responsibility for accepting the package. The driver will normally leave a notice at the front door or mailbox indicating the date of the next delivery attempt or a nearby depot location where the addressee may collect the package. In any case, you must act immediately to collect the package or it will automatically return to us, especially if the delivery was refused. Using your tracking number you may be able to manage delivery of your package with the appropriate USPS Informed Delivery®, UPS My Choice®, or DHL On Demand website to request a hold for pickup, re-delivery or release without signature.

Additional Charges -- Dive Gear Express has already pre-paid all shipping and brokerage fees. While you do not have to pay any shipping or brokerage fees, international package recipients should always expect to pay both import duty and tax appropriate for your location. Refusal to pay your government mandated duty and/or tax can ultimately prove to be very expensive. The package will be automatically returned to us and any refund amount will be reduced by both the outbound and inbound actual shipping costs from the order.

Non-Delivery -- When tracking indicates the package has delivered yet you have not seen it, you can "remain calm" because it usually turns up. In most cases the package was collected by a family member or co-worker, left with a nearby third-party, or was deposited somewhere unforeseen. We ask you please search for a few minutes and if you don't find the package or a notice then please contact us immediately. We will open an investigation with the carrier who will then contact the driver; which may take a day or two. In the case of US Postal Service Priority Mail we may wait a business day before taking action because we have observed a pattern of USPS packages tracking as delivered before actual delivery occurs. If your package is not found then our options are to reship the order to a different address or to issue a refund. In those cases, if the redundant or unpaid order eventually shows up then you are responsible for returning the package to us at our expense.

Damaged, Defective, Incorrect or Missing Items -- Please notify us, as soon as possible, of any discrepancies in your order. If the external packaging shows obvious evidence of damage please take photographs as appropriate to assist with our insurance claim. We will immediately reship damaged, defective, incorrect and missing items or issue a refund. Depending on the value of the items and our need to inspect for quality control, you may be responsible for returning items at our expense.

We apologize for any problems with your delivery, and will do whatever possible to make a quick resolution.

We Can't Always Take Blame for the Problem, But Do Take Responsibility for the Solution

Over the years we have shipped a great many packages to both domestic and international destinations from our facility in Florida using USPS, UPS and DHL services. While we do everything within our power to assure a smooth delivery, in our long experience about 1% of those packages will have some kind of shipping problem. Statistically, problems with all three couriers are about the same although we have developed preferences for some specific combinations of courier and destination.

Thankfully most problems are just transit delays due to a equipment failures, capacity overloads, or inclement weather. Handing damage is rare but seems to occur more often with heavy items such as tanks and delicate items such as oxygen sensors. Occasionally a package encounters a bureaucratic SNAFU even though we follow best practices to describe the nature, value, and contents of our shipments. While we might be blamed for shipping problems, the fact is that internal issues with bureaucracies and couriers are all well outside our control.

However, we do take responsibility for the solution to shipping problems because Dive Gear Express guarantees safe arrival of your order. Although rare, we know a problem can be frustrating when it happens to you and we will work with you to resolve any issue as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Express is part of our name and, while we can't overcome the physics of time and distance, we will try to get you back in the water as soon as possible. If you have a time critical issue, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your deadline.


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