Shipping WITHOUT Insured Guaranteed Delivery

There are a few countries for which we are currently unable to offer insured international shipping service with guaranteed timely safe arrival. However, if you are willing to accept the risk then in many cases Dive Gear Express is willing to ship directly to you upon receipt of non-refundable order payment by international wire transfer. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.

Dive Gear Express offers international shipping with guaranteed safe arrival via USPS, UPS and DHL directly to most countries. However, there are a few countries for which we are currently unable to offer insured international shipping service with guaranteed timely safe arrival. In many cases the issue is very long transit delays, in other cases the issue is the difficulty clearing customs without exorbitant fees or the use of expensive commercial brokerage services, in a few cases the issue is availability or reliability of in-country local carriers.

In cases where we are currently unable to guarantee safe arrival, Dive Gear Express is willing to ship directly to most countries upon receipt of non-refundable order payment by international wire transfer. (We are unable to accept payment from or ship to entities with United States Treasury Financial Sanctions.) By making non-refundable payment, you are accepting the risk and responsibility for: (1) transit times that can exceed a month. (2) bureaucratic difficulties with import customs or delivery. (3) all import fees and taxes. (4) damage, pilferage, or non-delivery.

To enter an order shipping to a country for which we are unable to guarantee safe arrival, proceed as follows:

  1. Shop our website as normal and add your selections to your shopping cart. When your cart is complete, view cart and select "Proceed to Checkout."
  2. Select In-Store Pickup as the shipping method. Note this will override the shipping address and may display a Florida Sales Tax amount, but sales tax will be removed later.
  3. Select Wire Transfer as the payment method.
  4. UNCHECK my billing and shipping address are the same, edit address as appropriate
  5. Also enter the desired shipping address in the Special Instructions/Order Comments box and Place Order.

We will prepare a proforma invoice for the proper addresses and price for shipping. We will send a copy of the invoice along with wire transfer payment instructions. Once funds are received via wire-transfer, we will ship your order. If we arrange non-guaranteed shipping then delivery terms are CPT Destination (Incoterms 2020). CPT means we are responsible for packing and export documentation plus shipping costs and ownership transfers to you upon our delivery to the carrier at our address. In addition to being responsible for risk of damage or loss, you are also responsible for providing customs clearance, paying any import duties and taxes, and collecting the order from the delivery carrier.

Customs Clearance for Small Parcels

International Notice: Orders shipped outside the US are subject to local import fees collected by the courier upon delivery. Please read our SCUBA Diving Equipment Import Duties and Taxes (VAT) page for detailed country by country guidelines to estimating duties and taxes.

Nothing in life is certain but death, and taxes. - Ben Franklin 1789

Purchasing low-value consumer goods for international delivery is simple. The process is not much different than purchasing online from a local merchant, but consumers unfamiliar with international transactions are sometimes not aware that their federal government may have import tariffs (duty) on goods entering from outside their country. Likewise, local governments also have their usual consumption taxes (GST) or value added taxes (VAT). They are assessed during Customs clearance and paid by the carrier as the package enters the country; then the monies are reimbursed to the courier by the package recipient upon delivery. Carriers may also include a surcharge for paying the duty and tax in advance then collecting in arrears. Import fees may be different for named individuals at a residential address than addresses containing a business name or delivered to a business address.

As a global retailer, US Dollar (USD $) prices shown on the Dive Gear Express website can not include your local tax or duty. In almost all cases, we also can not include these as part of our order transaction because tax and duty must be determined by, and remitted in local currency directly to, your government. When purchasing locally, the duty and tax may be "invisible" to the consumer because they are included as part of the merchant's retail price, although this practice varies widely depending on the locale and product.

Dive Gear Express has already pre-paid all shipping fees. While you do not have to pay any shipping fees, international package recipients should always expect to pay import fees appropriate for your location. Please be aware that refusal to pay your government mandated duty and/or tax can ultimately prove to be very expensive. If the package is returned to us, any refund amount will be reduced by both the outbound and inbound actual shipping costs from the order. If we are unable to retrieve the package, or the return shipping costs exceed the value of the contents, then the abandoned package will be impounded by Customs of the import country resulting in a total loss and no refund.

We guarantee safe arrival of your order.

Guaranteed safe arrival means we are responsible for delivery of the undamaged order to the ship-to address. You are responsible for providing the correct address of a delivery location that is accessible, safe and secure; then collecting the order from the carrier and promptly notifying us of any discrepancies. For international orders shipped outside the US, you are also responsible for paying import fees upon delivery. Please note the special conditions for orders requesting non-guaranteed shipping, and orders shipped to package forwarding services.

† We do our best to make our international customers aware of duty and tax. We prominently display the International Notice in bold type on our Ordering Guide, Pricing & Payment and Shipping & Delivery information pages, as well on our Shopping Cart. We also include the notice in the Thank You page shown following a successful Place Order plus in the order acknowledgement e-mail.