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We offer CCR Cylinder Sets for use with closed circuit rebreathers configured as PAIRS of aluminum or steel cylinders in your choice of sizes, valves and handwheels along with contents decals.

Faber cylinders for the US market are manufactured in Italy and imported to the US via containerized sea freight. Availability of Faber cylinders has been erratic, affected by issues with both manufacturing capacity and transport. Currently the best information we have is our orders for Faber steel cylinders do not have an ETA. Use the "Notify me..." link with the individual cylinder for an immediate email when we receive our order.

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DGX Custom - CCR Cylinder Packages

CCR Cylinder Size Comparison
CCR Cylinder Size Comparison Valve Type Options Shown on AL13 Premium Valve Options Premium O2 Valve Options Sample VIP Diluent and Oxygen Decals Included
  • Configured for CCR use - Select Cylinder Size and valve preferred
  • Includes qty 2 cylinders - both are Oxygen Clean
  • DGX valves have standard 200-Bar DIN (5/8 BSP) fitting
  • Valves have a 5250 psi burst disk.
  • Includes O2 and Diluent Decals and valve dust plugs

One cylinder has a green handwheel and the other cylinder has a black handwheel. Also available as a low cost option are the Vindicator Safety Handwheels. Included in the CCR cylinder package are a FREE decal pair: a green and white OXYGEN decal and a red and white DILUENT decal. The sets also include cylinder valve dust plugs. The cylinders have a current month VIP decal.

DGX Premium Valves are satin finish chrome plated brass with standard 200-Bar DIN (5/8 BSP). Inlets have standard 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) neck threads and include a threaded 'dip tube' with hex opening for easy installation. Valves have a 5250 psi burst disk.

Cylinders with Pro or Modular valves will receive left and right versions that are configured as shown. However, the decals are shipped loose, so if you decide to configure them differently, you can change the orientation yourself just by swapping the handwheels.

Our cylinders and 200 BAR valves are Imperial 3/4 NPS neck threads, NOT Metric M25 neck threads, and the valves have overpressure relief devices. The cylinders have US DOT and Canadian CTC markings suitable for use only in North America. Our cylinders and valves are NOT CE approved and NOT suitable for use in the European Union.


CCR Cylinder Sets

  • Cylinder Pair (Both Oxygen Clean)
  • Valve Pair (Black & Green Knobs)
  • Dust Plugs for Valves
  • Contents Decals (Oxygen & Diluent)
  • Current Oxygen Service Decal

Rebreather Gas Cylinder Specifications

Cylinder (Mfg) Service Pressure (psi) True Air†
Weight Empty
Full : Empty
Aluminum 13 (Thunderbird 2L) 3000 13.3 4.4 12.7 6.0 - 2.1 : - 1.3
Aluminum 19 (Thunderbird 3L) 3000 18.1 4.4 17.3 8.75 - 1.9 : - 0.7
Aluminum 20 (Catalina 3L) 3000 20.1 5.25 13.8 9.2 - 1.4 : - 0.0
Steel 15 (Faber 2L) 3442 15.7 3.94 14.2 6.6 - 2.4 : - 1.2
Steel 23 (Faber 3L) 3442 23.5 3.94 19.5 8.6 - 2.6 : - 0.7
Steel 27 (Faber 4L) 2640 25.0 5.5 14.5 11.9 - 3.0 : - 1.0

* Height/Weight in inches/pounds is cylinder only, i.e. less valve. All values are approximate.
* Buoyancy is calculated with standard K valve in seawater.
Cylinder set would be slightly more negative with a modular valves.
†  Visit Calculating SCUBA Cylinder Free Gas Capacities for more information about True Capacity values.

We ship your cylinder with the valve installed (domestic ground US only, all others shipping we will install the travel caps), but during shipping the valve may loosen at the neck, so prior to the initial fill the valve should be made as tight as possible by hand only. The cylinders have a current month oxygen service decal. SCUBA Tanks must be hydrostatically tested every five years (60 months). Small cylinders are not frequently manufactured and typically have a factory hydro date between 6 and 18 months old, but can be MUCH older for sizes very rarely manufactured.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
According to our suppliers, their Nitrox Ready and Oxygen Service products are compatible with oxygen and factory cleaned for use with compressed gases in excess of 23.5% oxygen. Nonetheless, the 'clean state' of this equipment applies only prior to initial use. Thereafter, periodic inspection and cleaning are a necessity. You must meticulously follow the recommendations of the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and other federal/state/local agencies, plus your dive training agency for equipment maintenance, handling, storage, labeling, filling, transport and use of compressed gases. Oxygen-related fires and explosions can result in serious injury or death. Ultimately, you must make the final decision to assume all risks associated with the use of any compressed gases, including those in excess of 23.5% oxygen.