1. Calculating SCUBA Cylinder Capacity
  2. Z Factors for SCUBA
  3. How to Attach a Snap
  4. Assembling Double Cylinders
  5. Understanding Nitrox Ready and Oxygen Service
  6. Hogarthian Harness Assembly Instructions
  7. Oxygen Sensor Handling
  8. CCR FAQ - O2ptima
  9. CCR FAQ - Poseidon Se7en
  10. SCUBA Valves
  11. Rebreather Absorbent Selection And Handling
  12. Lift Bags versus Marking Bags
  13. O2ptima Scrubber Duration Test Results
  14. South East Florida Diving Logistics
  15. Suggestions for Selecting a Wing
  16. What is a Rebreather?
  17. About Oxygen Disclaimers


  1. Compressor Lubrication for SCUBA
  2. Compressor Lubricants and Diver Safety
  3. Nitrox and Compressor Lubrication
  4. Orange or White, which is better?
  5. Rechargeable Battery Chemistry for Dive Lights - Lithium Ion
  6. When is Enough... Enough?
  7. How do you stay warm in a neoprene wetsuit? Take it off.
  8. About Gas Time Remaining (GTR) Calculations
  9. Diving and Blue Pills
  10. Helium Penalty? What Penalty?
  11. Calibrating Oxygen Analyzers for Diving
  12. Bühlmann versus VPM Decompression Schedules
  13. Using a Signal Mirror for Rescue
  14. SCUBA Cylinder Neck Threads in North America
  15. Handling Emergency Oxygen Kits
  16. How do the grades of compressed oxygen differ?
  17. Lubrication and SCUBA Valve Installation
  18. Do I really need that big NITROX wrap decal on my tank?
  19. Units of Pressure in Diving
  20. Sunscreen and Dive Computers
  21. Metric vs Imperial SCUBA Cylinder Sizes
  22. Servicing SCUBA Hoses
  23. Quick-Disconnect Compatibility and Lack Thereof
  24. How to use a twist-on handheld dive light or strobe
  25. Damaged 300 bar DIN valve outlets
  26. Can Nitrox or Trimix be run through a breathing air compressor?
  27. A Battery Warning Means You Are Diving On Borrowed Time!
  28. A Common Mistake When Using Tables for Repetitive Dives
  29. A Different Method to Remove A Wetsuit
  30. About the U.S. Diver Down Flag
  31. Advice for Traveling with Rebreather Cylinders
  32. Learning From Analysis of Rebreather Deaths
  33. Are Rebreathers Safe?
  34. Using the metal grommets......
  35. Backup Second Stages
  36. Bailout/Deco Regulators
  37. Basic Care and Maintenance for Your Guideline Reel
  38. Bad BCD Maintenance = Provoking Instead of Preventing
  39. Beware of Fin Hyperbole
  40. Buddies and BC Integrated Regs
  41. Care and Feeding of Lithium Chemistry Rechargable Batteries
  42. Choosing Stage/Deco Regulators
  43. Choosing the Best BC Power-Inflator Hose Length
  44. Choosing the Best Primary SPG Hose Length
  45. Cleaning Low Current Electrical Contacts
  46. Common Uses for Stainless Steel Snaps
  47. Compass Balance Zones
  48. Tiny Bubbles?
  49. Just Say No to Deep Air
  50. Do You Know Your Right From Your Left?
  51. Does the Vindicator knob make sense for experienced divers?
  52. DPV Battery Technology Tradeoffs
  53. Etiquette and Rebreather Divers
  54. Evolution of Manifolds and Bands
  55. Finger Spools Are Not Guideline Reels
  56. Form vs. Function in Dive Masks
  57. Full Face Masks and Recreational Scuba
  58. A Gas Booster Reality Check
  59. Gearing Up With a Long Hose
  60. Get the Lead Out!
  61. Give Tank Boots the Boot, Decals Too!
  62. Gradient Factors
  63. Helmets Have Their Place In Diving
  64. History of the Finger Spool
  65. Hose Protectors Don't
  66. How Long is Your Hose?
  67. How Much and Where to Use Lubricant
  68. How to Choose Between Lift and Marking Bags
  69. How to Glue On Your Glue-On Pocket
  70. How to Overhaul a Power Inflator
  71. Independent Twins Are Not Doubles
  72. Inside Submersible Pressure Gauges
  73. Installing Valves in SCUBA Cylinders
  74. Interchangability of Backplates and Wings
  75. Regulator Intermediate Pressure (IP)
  76. Tang? Pommel? Drop Point? Swage? Spine?
  77. Leaking Mask? Loosen The Strap!
  78. Origin of the Line Arrow
  79. Looping Hoses Under Hose Retainers
  80. Lumens, Lux and Burn Time - Caveat Emptor
  81. Mask Defoggers Explained
  82. Candela vs Lumen
  83. Mixing Brands or Ages of Oxygen Sensors
  84. Mr. Cleaning Your Dive Slate and Wetnotes
  85. Dispelling the Myth of the Simple Oxygen Flush Test
  86. Nitrox? Heliox? Helitrox? Triox? Normoxic Trimix? Hypoxic Trimix? Heliair?
  87. Blame Normalization of Deviance, Not "Complacency"
  88. OOPS.... NOT!
  89. Ordering Vision Correcting Lenses for Dive Masks
  90. The Origin of Hogarthian Configuration
  91. Oxygen Sensor Life in Rebreathers
  92. The Oxygen Solenoid Shut-off Is a Mixed-Bag
  93. Perfect Positioning of Decals
  94. Piston vs Diaphragm... Does it really matter?
  95. Pressure Release Devices aka Burst Disk
  96. Rebreather Training
  97. Hogarthian Regulator Configuration for Doubles
  98. Long Hose Regulator Configuration for Single Tank Diving
  99. Streamlined Open Water Regulator Configuration
  100. Regulator Necklaces


  1. Differences of Petrel vs Perdix Dive Computers
  2. Basketball Shoes for Diving... Seriously?
  3. Alternative hose configuration for your Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV
  4. Nautilus Lifeline Radios: Rescue GPS vs Safety VHF models
  5. Maintaining Poseidon Cable Connectors
  6. What are the differences between the Deep Six DGX and Deep Six Signature regulators?
  7. How are the DGX Premium O2 Valves different from regular SCUBA valves?
  8. Why Choose DIVESOFT?
  9. The NERD 2 from Shearwater Research
  10. What Micro SD-card should I use with Paralenz camera?
  11. About Our Hi-Viz Dacron Line
  12. Garmin Descent Mk1 Features Matrix
  13. SPG Depth Ratings
  14. Differences of Teric vs Perdix Dive Computers
  15. Why we are ashamed to sell these...
  16. Updating Your Poseidon M28/Se7en/CPOD Firmware
  17. SCUBA Regulator DIN Connector O-ring Sizes
  18. CO2 Absorbent: 797 vs 812
  19. DGX Custom Regulators - Have It Your Way
  20. Nomad XT/LTZ/LT/LS Tank Mount Configuration Options
  21. Recreational Nitrox Configuration of Shearwater Perdix
  22. Advice regarding travel with Sofnolime
  23. Why Choose Dive Rite?
  24. Why Choose G-Dive?
  25. TransPac, TransPlate, and TravelPac Sizing
  26. Dive Rite's Gusset Control System
  27. Replacing Air Cell Inflation Assembly Elbows
  28. Why Choose Ocean Management Systems?
  29. Why Choose DGX Gears™ Brand Products?
  30. Why Choose Shearwater Research Dive Computers?
  31. Why dive Poseidon?
  32. Dive Rite Dual Armored Wing Options
  33. Dive Rite Air Cells Overview
  34. Aluminum Cylinders at Dive Gear Express
  35. Steel High Pressure Cylinders by Faber
  36. Steel Specialty Cylinders by Faber
  37. Why Choose Light Monkey?
  38. Light Mount Sizing Chart
  39. Compare the DGX 300 - 600 - 800 lights
  40. Why choose Omni-Swivel International products?
  41. Why Choose Analytical Industries?


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