DGX Custom - Apeks TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package

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Everything you need for an ultra performance regulator setup in a hose routing optimized Hogarthian doubles configuration. The DGX Custom package uses Apeks TEK3 and XTX50 regulators and comes completely assembled by Dive Gear Express with our premium accessories.

DGX Custom - Apeks TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package

TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package Sample Configuration
TEK3/XTX50 Doubles Reg Package Sample Configuration Sample Configuration Mounted on a Manifold (Not Included) TEK3 First Stage LH & RH Set XTX50 Second Stage - Two Included
  • Complete ultra performance doubles style regulator configuration
  • Apeks over-balanced diaphragm first stages and balanced adjustable second stages
  • Assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready
  • Tested and EN250 certified to a depth of {660 fsw |200 msw}

The Apeks TEK3 Regulators are specifically designed for doubles (aka twinsets); each first stage supplying a one-sided mirror image of the other. Popular with technical divers because of their DS4 heritage, the Apeks TEK3 first stages have angled ports that are made to route downward to allow for perfect streamlined doubles hose routing that avoids snagging, crossing hoses and restricted access to your valves.

Our photos show the typical hogarthian doubles configuration for the TEK3 pair as seen in the US cave diving community, (see our TekTip below) but it is only one of several different orientations and hose routing configurations possible with the TEK3 regulator pair. For example, we are illustrating a "caps in" orientation, but some divers prefer swapping sides on the first stages for a "caps out" orientation. The choice is yours; the message being that the mirror image pair with the angled ports offset and facing downward features of the TEK3 first stages give you a lot of options to make the perfect configuration for your personal doubles rig.

Everything you need for an ultra performance regulator setup in a Hogarthian doubles configuration. Hose materials are your choice of rubber or braided flex. This DGX Custom package is completely assembled and integrated by Dive Gear Express using Apeks first and second stage regulators together with our premium quality DGX hoses, gauges, adapters, stainless steel hardware and other accessories, including:

  • One Apeks TEK3 RH First Stage
  • One Apeks TEK3 LH First Stage
  • Two Apeks XTX50 Second Stages w/standard wide tees †
  • One DGX Primary LP Reg Hose (choose length)
  • One DGX Backup LP Reg Hose {22 in | 56 cm}
  • One DGX BC Inflation Hose (choose length)
  • One DGX "Brass & Glass" SPG (choice of Size, Face Color, PSI or BAR)
  • One DGX HP hose (choose length)
  • One standard bungee necklace †, two S/S Bolt Snaps, two DIN Caps
  • Optional DGX X-Large Tek Regulator Bag

† Does not include alternate Apeks brand narrow exhaust tees or Apeks brand bungee connector system; both available and priced separately.

The Apeks TEK3 (based on the DS4) pair of first stages are work horse designs with years of proven performance and reliability preferred by the most demanding technical divers. The Apeks TEK3 is a unique over-balanced, diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the intermediate pressure gas in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient resulting in superb performance at extreme depths. Each polished chrome plated body has one standard high pressure 7/16-inch hose port and three standard high-flow low pressure 3/8-inch hose ports in left and right hand versions popular for doubles configurations. An environmental seal keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out. The TEK3 regulators come standard with a DIN connectors and are Nitrox Ready.

The Apeks XTX50 second stage is a pneumatically-balanced design that results in smooth, easy breathing. The all black soft silicone front cover has a large and easy to operate purge button that features two-step progressive operation. Press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate (useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags) then press in the center for the full effect of the purge such as when clearing water. An easy-to-grip knob allows the diver to fine tune the cracking pressure (aka opening effort.) It also offers a large venturi (Dive /Pre-Dive) lever for better gas flow and to reduce free flow upon initial entry. A heat exchanger which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water. The popular Apeks Comfo-biteā„¢ mouthpiece by Aqualung greatly reduces jaw fatigue.

Apeks brand regulators include a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they are inspected or serviced annually by an AQUALUNG AMERICA Authorized Dealer. This warranty covers the original owner against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator and includes the Free-Parts-For-Life Program as outlined on their website.

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Hogarthian Regulator Configuration for Doubles

Hogarthian Diver

The primary second stage has a long hose, with the primary first stage connected to the diver's right gas manifold outlet. The long hose routes straight down the divers right side back behind the wing, under the light canister (if no light canister then under the waistbelt sheath), up and across the chest to the left shoulder, behind the neck and around to the mouth. The primary second stage is clipped to the right shoulder D-ring when not in the mouth. The backup second stage has a short hose and hangs on a necklace directly below the chin, with the backup first stage connected to the diver's left gas manifold outlet. The hose to the BC power inflator is connected to the primary first stage and is also a shorter length appropriate for the shorter BC inflation assembly found on doubles. The high pressure hose for the SPG is shorter as well and is connected to the backup first stage. The HP hose is routed straight down the divers left back side and the SPG is clipped to the waist D-ring.