Warranty Inspection Service, Apeks

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Factory authorized warranty inspection service for Apeks XTX regulator sets based on the Apeks DS4, TEK3, DST, FSR, and FST first stages plus the Apeks XTX20, XTX40, XTX50, XTX100, XTX200 second stages.

If you have multiple regulator sets, please add-to-cart one set at a time. Please be aware this service is for WARRANTY INSPECTION ONLY; maintenance service if required is NOT included. Dive Gear Express also offers full maintenance and repair services on the Apeks XTX series First Stages and Second Stages.

Inspection Service does NOT include free shipping.

Warranty Inspection Service, Apeks

Apeks Warranty Inspection Service
Apeks Warranty Inspection Service FSR first stage with XTX200 second stage

DST first stage with XTX50 second stage DS4 first stage with XTX40 second stage
  • Inspection of one Apeks XTX series regulator set with one 1st Stage plus one or two 2nd Stages
  • We will also inspect the connected hoses and a pressure gauge if present
  • If you have multiple regulator sets, please add-to-cart one set at a time

We will inspect your Apeks regulator set, configured with one first stage plus one or two second stages, according to Aqualung requirements (see product attachments tab above) to maintain your Free-Parts-For-Life Program qualification and return them to you with a printed receipt and your Aqualung/Apeks Annual Service & Inspection documentation. Please be aware this service is for WARRANTY INSPECTION ONLY; maintenance service if required is NOT included.

We inspect according to the Aqualung/Apeks Regulator Inspection Checklist, see the Product Attachments tab above. Inspection does not include evaluation for oxygen cleanliness of your regulator set. However, it the regulator set is oxygen clean when we receive it for inspection, then it will still be oxygen clean following inspection. Our inspection process will have done nothing to change that condition.

How to determine the production date for a Apeks regulator stage from 2000 to present using the serial number: The first two digits indicate the production year and the second two digits indicate the month. The remaining four to five digits are sequential numbers. Example: Serial Number 200612345 decodes as 2006 is June 2020 and 12345 is a production sequence number.

Maintaining Your Apeks Regulator Free-Parts-For-Life Program Qualification

Apeks brand regulators include a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they are inspected or serviced annually by an AQUALUNG AMERICA Authorized Dealer. This warranty covers the original owner against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator and includes the Free-Parts-For-Life Program as outlined on their website. In order to have the regulator serviced under the program, the original owner must present their "Aqualung/Apeks Annual Service & Inspection" logs and purchase receipts documenting a history of continuous annual inspection or service. If you are not the original owner or if the annual inspection or service is missed, then the regulator no longer qualifies for the Free-Parts-for-Life program. If the regulator IS found to be qualified for the Apeks Free-Parts-For-Life Program, then our maintenance service will only charge for labor and the parts are free.

Please include copies of required documentation when shipping the regulator to us for warranty inspection service.

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Sending Equipment to Us for Service

  • Important: We only service brands and models we sell, because we are unable to provide factory authorized service for brands and models that we don't sell.
  • Enter the order for service using our website. If you have any specific problems or concerns with the equipment, please make note of them in the special instructions section at Checkout and/or in a separate note attached to the equipment. We recommend only including service on the order, because any products also included on the order would not ship until service on your equipment is completed and the entire order is ready.
  • We suggest you send your entire item for service because problems that appear to be in one component are often caused by problems in another. Please send any hoses, adapters, fittings, batteries, chargers, or special cables if possible. However, we do ask you remove and retain any hose or console mounted computers, knives, etc. Do not send any damaged, defective or leaking batteries, please contact our service technicians instead.
  • Package your equipment for shipment and be sure to include a copy of your order in the package. Please also include copies of required documentation if sending equipment to us for warranty service. Legibly write our ship-to address below on the outside of the package. Please note, the "STE E1" in the address is our building and suite number. Your package may be returned as undeliverable if the STE E1 is not present in the shipping address.
  • Dispatch to us via any small package carrier you choose: USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL all deliver to our address daily. Please don't forget you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment during transit. For high value packages we recommend that you select a shipping service that offers package tracking, insure and declare the full value of the package so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. Please read our Transit Delays Advisory because carrier transit delays are equally as likely when you ship to us as when we ship to you.
  • Once service is completed, we will return your equipment to you via the shipping method you indicate on your order. Please be advised that a two week turn around is based on our typical service queue backlog as well as when there are no diagnostic or parts availability issues.

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