DGX Gears BCI Backup Regulator

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Replacing both long-hose octo and BC power-inflator, the BCI regulator allows the diver to breathe normally as from any second stage, yet the diver can simultaneously and rapidly inflate the BC, as well as deflate or orally inflate, as you would on any standard inflator mechanism.

Important Advisory: You can not use a standard BC inflator QD hose Schrader fitting to supply the DGX Gears BCI Backup Regulator, as the regulator would not receive enough gas due to flow restriction in the hose. The high-flow fitting for this regulator requires an standard low-pressure regulator hose which is used with the special female QD adapter included with the regulator.

DGX Gears BCI Backup Regulator

Complete Kit
Complete Kit Detachable Purge Button Underside Twin Bite Mouthpiece Spring Sits Inside Adapter Easy To Attach Pull Dump Cable Attached to Dowel
  • Corrugated hose connection suitable for 1-inch diameter
  • High-flow female QD adapter for LP reg hose is included with the regulator
  • 26-inch LP Reg hose is suggested for recommended length 22-inch corrugated hose
  • 24-inch LP Reg hose is suggested for typical sport BCD length 19-inch corrugated hose
  • 22-inch LP Reg hose is suggested for typical technical aircell length 16-inch corrugated hose

The DGX Gears BCI Backup Regulator adds convenience and streamlined efficiency to sport diving equipment configurations. The breathable inflator replaces the standard power-inflator found on your wing or BCD. By combining an alternate air source with a power-inflator, there is one less hose coming off the first stage and eliminates a traditional long hose octopus dragging in the sand or across fragile coral. This configuration also makes it quicker and easier to find your backup regulator because you reach for and operate your inflator several times throughout each dive. In an emergency out-of-air donation, you always donate the primary regulator in your mouth and switch to breathing from the BCI.

The ultimate tool for streamlining, the DGX Gears BC Integrated Backup Regulator is attached to the wing or BCD corrugated inflator hose and is fed by the first stage in the same manner as any regulator. It can be assembled on nearly any BC and eliminates the need for a separate back up regulator aka "octopus." It is supplied with a hi-flow quick coupling adapter that together with an optional low-pressure regulator hose replaces your standard low pressure BC inflator hose - thus eliminating the hose and dangling octopus regulator that is a hassle. The advantage of using a high-flow QD adapter with an ordinary low-pressure regulator hose is that should the hose later need to be replaced due to age or damage, you do not have to source a hose with a specialized QD fitting. The BC Integrated Backup Regulator works with nearly any BCD or aircell (aka 'wing') with a 1-inch inside diameter corrugated hose. Just remove the existing power inflator on the BC and low-pressure BC hose on the first stage, then attach the BCI second stage and a standard low-pressure regulator hose in their place.

  • Large, shape and color differentiated buttons are easy-to-use, even with gloves.
  • The easy purge cover is located on the bottom of the unit so it will not be affected by strong currents.
  • Downstream demand valve with venturi assist for performance and reliability at any sport diving depth.
  • Includes inlet protective cap to keep out water and particulates.
  • The screw-on corrugated hose nipple makes the entire second stage easily detachable from the BCD or wing.
  • Includes QD push-on adapter for use with standard low-pressure regulator hose.
  • Proven design meets the requirements of EN250 for an auxiliary emergency breathing device integrated with a buoyancy inflation system.

Since the BCI is a second stage only that operates with an intermediate supply low-pressure, use with Nitrox breathing gas is not a concern with this product. Our suggested service interval for all DGX Gears regulators is every two years or one hundred dives. See Product Attachments tab of periodic service kit for service manual and illustrated parts breakdown. There is nothing unique about DGX Gears regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special equipment beyond that found on the typical regulator technicians bench. We sell the DGX Gears regulator parts and periodic service kits direct to the public. See the service kit product attachments tab for periodic service manual and illustrated parts schematic diagram.

Some inflation assemblies have a cable that runs through the inside of the corrugated hose. This cable is attached to the power inflator using the metal dowel pin, such that if you pull down on the inflator itself (and thus pull the cable), a dump valve at the top of the inflator assembly is activated. This feature is usually called 'pull-to-dump' or 'remote-exhaust.' Your inflation assembly may or may not have the feature and the cable, but we include a replacement dowel pin just in case you do need one. If the pin turns out to be unneeded you may safely discard it.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

The high-flow QD adapter included with the BCI Backup Regulator contains a spring loaded one-way check valve that operates such that, when the low-pressure hose is disconnected from the regulator second stage, the check valve will seal the end of the hose under pressure. When initially installing your BCI Backup Regulator, please first connect the adapter to the LP regulator hose and thereafter always leave the adapter to connected to the hose. That's because If you push the naked adapter (i.e. without it being fully screwed to a standard LP regulator hose) on to the QD post then the check valve assembly may become dislodged and possibly fall out of the adapter. If that happens, push the check valve assembly back in the adapter then re-seat by using dowel to push on the back of the assembly until you feel the assembly click into place. Once the adapter is screwed to the hose, the check valve can not become dislodged so long as the adapter remains screwed to the LP regulator hose.

Buddies and BC Integrated Regs

Before adding a BC integrated second stage, consider how you will manage an air sharing situation with your dive buddy. It means you will be donating your primary to a buddy and switching to the BC integrated second stage. Technical divers know that donating the primary second stage to their buddy works very well, when they use a long hose on their primary. For sport divers, we recommend switching to a { 40 in | 101 cm } primary hose with a right angle adapter on the second stage and to use underarm hose routing. The underarm configuration is more comfortable and streamlined while also providing a workable length for donation of the primary.

After adding a BC integrated regulator to your configuration, please practice a "controlled conditions" donation with your buddy.