Dive Rite Drysuit Inflation Regulator

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Compact in size and lightweight, the Dive Rite Drysuit Inflation Regulator is the Dive Rite solution for inflation applications.

Dive Rite Drysuit Inflation Regulator

DR Drysuit Inflation Regulator
DR Drysuit Inflation Regulator Close-Up of First Stage and Connector

Weighing in at an ultra compact { 12 oz | 350 g }, and measuring { 3.5 in x 1.25 in | 8.9 cm x 3.2 cm }, this regulator will not add unnecessary bulk to a drysuit inflation configuration. Featuring two standard low-pressure (LP) ports, one high-pressure (HP) port and a 300 Bar DIN connector, the flow-by piston first stage has a factory IP setting of 140 psi. One of the LP ports is fitted with an OPV to give an additional margin of safety in the event of a first stage failure. The regulator includes a { 30 in | 76 c} long rubber drysuit inflation hose.

Because of the piston design, the Dive Rite Drysuit Inflation Regulator is ultra reliable but is intended only for inflation applications. Dive Gear Express also recommends usage within sport depths for best performance. This first stage HP port countersink is not quite large enough to be compatible with the oversized flange on MiFlex Brand HP hoses.

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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 1.500000

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Max working depth confusion ?
Oct 17, 2021
Dive Rite rates this inflator reg to 330 ft [Max Depth: 330 ft (100 m)]. DGX states its max usable depth to be 132 ft. Same part number on Dive Rite site and DGX site (SKU#). Confusing.
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Response from Admin
Oct 18, 2021
The RG5400 is a "unbalanced" piston design that Dive Rite states is suitable to {330 fsw | 100 msw}, but we have had some feedback from customers that the regulator inflation actual performance at technical diving depths was slow. We choose to recommend this regulator for sport depths, although it can certainly go deeper we are uncomfortable describing it as suitable for extreme depths.
Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

This Drysuit Inflation Regulator is intended for inflation applications only. It is not configured or tested for breathing use.