DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing + DGX Gears D6 Reg Package

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A basic DGX Harness / Backplate / Wing and our DGX D6 regulator package for single tank diving at a value price.

DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing + DGX Gears D6 Reg Package

Includes DGX Singles Wing, Harness, Crotch Strap, Tank Straps and Your Choice of Backplate
Includes DGX Singles Wing, Harness, Crotch Strap, Tank Straps and Your Choice of Backplate DGX Gears D6 Streamlined OW Reg Included in Package Components of the DGX Gears Harness D6 DIN First Stage D6 Second Stage - Two Included How to Attach a Backplate and Wing
  • Excellent quality and value for single tank diving
  • Modular backplate and wing system for versatility
  • DGX Gears harness with all S/S hardware
  • OW Reg assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Salt, Fresh, Warm or Cold Water and Nitrox Ready

A basic Harness / Backplate / Wing and Regulator Package for single tank diving at a value price. The fully integrated BCD uses a DGX Gears (S1) Wing together with a DGX premium quality metal backplate, harness webbing, padded crotch strap, stainless steel hardware, DGX tank straps with Stainless Steel hardware and other accessories. The Streamlined Openwater Regulator for single tank divers includes a DGX Gears D6 DIN first stage and two DGX Gears D6 second stages together with our DGX premium accessories. The package comes configured with your choice of DGX premium double braided flex or rubber hoses and also includes a DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter, a DIN regulator cap, and is Nitrox Ready.

Included with this Package:

  • DGX Gears (S1) { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } Single Tank Wing
  • Wing includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } Corrugated Hose with a Plain Elbow Inflator Assembly
  • DGX Gears Harness with all S/S hardware
  • Your choice of crotch strap with the harness:
    • The popular {1.5 in | 3.8 cm} Crotch Strap is noticeably more comfortable and with a side-release buckle is a welcome change from outdated traditions to the convenience of a crotch strap that can be adjusted on-the-fly. The {1.5 in | 3.8 cm} crotch strap uses a soft nylon webbing that measures {38 in | 97 cm} in length with a {2,200 lbs | 1,000 kg} tensile strength and weighs {3 oz | 85 g}.
    • The traditional {2 in | 5 cm| Crotch Strap has a sewn-loop and includes a neoprene sleeve to protect exposure suit from abrasion. The {2 in | 5 cm} nylon webbing crotch strap measures {42 in| 107 cm}in length, with {2,800 lbs | 1,270 kg} tensile strength and weighs {6oz |170g}.
  • Select DGX Aluminum OR upgrade to Stainless Steel Backplate
  • DGX tank straps with Stainless Steel hardware
  • DGX Plastic Assembly Screws (2)
  • One DGX Gears D6 First Stage and Two DGX Gears D6 Second Stages
  • One { 40 in | 1.0 m } Reg Hose for the primary
  • One { 22 in | 56 cm } Reg Hose for the secondary
  • One { 22 in | 56 cm } BC Inflator Hose
  • One "Thin" SPG with { 26 in | 66 cm } HP Hose
  • DIN to Yoke Spin-On Adapter, Necklace, S/S Bolt Snap, DIN Cap

This rig can accommodate the typical Aluminum 80 or Steel LP-85, HP-80 or HP-100 tanks. Includes Aluminum backplate or upgrade to Stainless Steel, upgrade to add weight pockets or shoulder pads.

The DGX Single Tank Wing features a narrow low profile design with a lift capacity of { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } and includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } corrugated hose with a plain elbow. The two tank strap slot design allows for a more secure tank attachment option of using two (2) cam straps. It is constructed from durable 1000 Denier nylon outer shell material and further enhanced with a heavy-duty urethane coated 200 Denier nylon laminated bladder.

All hoses for the regulator are in your choice of rubber or braided flex. The primary second stage is on a { 40 in | 1.0 m } hose with an underarm swivel, and the backup second stage is on a { 22 in | 57 cm } hose with a necklace. The thin SPG, in your choice of PSI or BAR, is on a { 26 in | 66 cm } HP hose with a S/S snap, and a { 22 in | 57 cm } inflator hose is also included. The package comes completely assembled by Dive Gear Express with our premium accessories and is ready to dive anywhere in the world.

The DGX Gears D6 First Stage is a balanced diaphragm design featuring five standard size low pressure 3/8-inch ports on a swiveling turret, and two standard size high pressure 7/16-inch ports. The first stage is environmentally sealed for cold water performance, and comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector.

The DGX Gears D6 Second Stage is pneumatically balanced for excellent breathing at any depth. Internally it contains a chrome plated brass air barrel for performance and durability. The black soft touch silicone front cover allows for easy purge. A user adjustable breathing resistance knob is also featured, with a venturi (Dive / Pre-Dive) switch for better flow control when needed and to reduce free flow upon initial entry.

Sorry, but at this low price we are unable to make any substitutions.

The DGX custom webbing harness systems do NOT come assembled as your personal sizing for the harness must be done during assembly.

DGX Gears Harness Assembly Instructions

Our recommended service interval is every two years or one hundred dives. There is nothing unique about the DGX regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special tools beyond those generic tools found on the typical regulator technicians bench. We sell the DGX Gears D6 service parts kits direct to the public.

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Open Water Students and Modern Equipment Configurations

Example Setups of Back Inflation with Long Hose

We know many of our customers are diving instructors, yet one of the more ironic circumstances we encounter is the return of a webbing harness, backplate and wing BCD and/or long hose regulator setup that was rejected as unsuitable for a new student entering a learn-to-dive class. The typical situation is the student has gotten some excellent advice from a family member or close friend that is an experienced diver. The advisor understands the substantial benefits of these configurations and helped the beginner get the best value for their new dive equipment purchases. Unfortunately, the student shows up for class and is told by their open water instructor the equipment is [unsafe | not compatible | violating standards | difficult to use]; we've heard all those excuses and some even more ridiculous objections. We cheerfully accept the return, instead of what we wish we could suggest: "find a more knowledgeable instructor" or sometimes "find a more ethical local dive shop."

Decades ago there was some debate regarding the safety of donating the primary second stage as well as the safety of back-inflation when they were both introduced as improvements to the classic jacket style BCD with octopus regulator configuration. However those questions are long settled and today Dive Gear Express only sells back-inflation BCD systems with all our regulator packages based on a longer hose that enables donation of the primary. The configurations are accepted for entry level open water training by all dive training agency standards, and universally recognized as the safest equipment configurations suitable for technical diving. Yes, they do require some student skills be taught a little differently but that does not present a challenge for dive instructors who are knowledgeable about the equipment configurations preferred by experienced sport and technical divers. If you are unfamiliar with how our configurations are taught, TDI/SDI has an article by one of their instructor trainers that offers a modern perspective on Teaching Open Water In Backplate, Harness, and Wing.