DGX Custom - DGX Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing + XTRA Reg Package

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Our five-star DGX Gears Harness / Backplate / Wing and our top-shelf DGX Gears XTRA regulator together in a package for streamlined open water single tank diving at a streamlined price.

DGX Custom - DGX Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing + XTRA Reg Package

Complete Package with Al Backplate and XTRA Reg, and Including Standard Tek Bag
Complete Package with Al Backplate and XTRA Reg, and Including Standard Tek Bag Included Stainless Steel Tank Straps and Crotch Strap DGX Singles Wing, Harness and Optional Stainless Backplate XTRA Streamlined OW Regulator XTRA DIN First Stage XTRA Second Stage - Two Included DGX Tek Regulator Bag is Included in Package
  • Excellent quality and value for single tank diving
  • Modular backplate and wing system for versatility
  • Basic hogarthian harness with all S/S hardware
  • XTRA Streamlined OW Reg assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Salt, Fresh, Warm or Cold Water and Nitrox Ready

The fully integrated BCD uses a DGX Gears (S1) Wing together with a DGX premium quality metal backplate, harness webbing, padded crotch strap, stainless steel hardware, DGX metal cam band tank straps and other accessories. The Streamlined Openwater Regulator for single tank divers includes a DGX Gears XTRA DIN first stage and two DGX Gears XTRA second stages together with our DGX premium accessories. The package comes configured with your choice of DGX premium double braided flex or rubber hoses and also includes a DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter, a DIN regulator cap, and is Nitrox Ready.

Included with this Package:

  • DGX Gears (S1) { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } Single Tank Wing
  • Wing includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } Corrugated Hose with a Plain Elbow Inflator Assembly
  • Basic Hogarthian Harness with all S/S hardware
  • Select DGX Aluminum OR upgrade to Stainless Steel Backplate
  • DGX { 2 in | 5.1 cm } Crotch Strap with Sewn Loop
  • DGX Stainless Steel Tank Straps
  • DGX Plastic Assembly Screws (2)
  • One DGX Gears XTRA First Stage and Two DGX Gears XTRA Second Stages
  • One { 40 in | 1.0 m } Reg Hose for the primary
  • One { 22 in | 56 cm } Reg Hose for the secondary
  • One { 22 in | 56 cm } BC Inflator Hose
  • One "Thin" SPG with { 26 in | 66 cm } HP Hose
  • DIN to Yoke Spin-On Adapter, Necklace, S/S Bolt Snap, DIN Cap
  • DGX Regulator Bag, Standard

This rig can accommodate the typical Aluminum 80 or Steel LP-85, HP-80 or HP-100 tanks. Includes Aluminum backplate or upgrade to Stainless Steel, upgrade to add weight pockets or shoulder pads.

The DGX Single Tank Wing features a narrow low profile design with a lift capacity of { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } and includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } corrugated hose with a plain elbow. The two tank strap slot design allows for a more secure tank attachment option of using two (2) cam straps. It is constructed from durable 1000 Denier nylon outer shell material and further enhanced with a heavy-duty urethane coated 200 Denier nylon laminated bladder.

All hoses for the regulator are in your choice of braided flex or rubber. The primary second stage is on a { 40 in | 1.0 m } hose with an underarm swivel, and the backup second stage is on a { 22 in | 57 cm } hose with a necklace. The thin SPG, in your choice of whiteface or blackface, and PSI or BAR, is on a { 26 in | 66 cm } HP hose with a S/S snap, and a { 22 in | 57 cm } inflator hose is also included. The package comes completely assembled by Dive Gear Express with our premium accessories and is ready to dive anywhere in the world.

The DGX XTRA 1st stage is a balanced flow-through piston in a PFD chrome-plated brass body that provides constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate. Two opposing high pressure 7/16-inch ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down. Five high-flow low pressure 3/8-inch ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options. The fifth port on top of the turret offers an additional hose routing option that is popular for backmount manifolded double cylinder or sidemount configurations and is a good choice as both primary and backup first stage.

A spring insulating coating, body insulating bushing, anti-freeze cap, bigger body and cap thread all work in concert with the XTRA to improve cold-water performance. Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures. External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.

The DGX XTRA 2nd stage is a balanced adjustable second stage featuring metal components for light weight and increased resistance to freezing when diving in extreme conditions and reduced inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures. A diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob fine-tunes air delivery to suit changing depths, water conditions and diver preference. The ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn’t inhibit airflow.

The DGX XTRA 2nd stage features nylon fiberglass design casing and diaphragm for breathing sensitivity, regardless of position in the water. A high-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation for better overall breathing comfort. The venturi-Initiated vacuum assist dive/pre-dive switch reduces free flow in cold water or when used as an octopus.

Sorry, but at this low price we are unable to make any substitutions.

The DGX custom webbing harness systems do NOT come assembled as your personal sizing for the harness must be done during assembly.

Hogarthian Harness Assembly Instructions

The manufacturers recommended regulator service interval is every two years or one hundred dives.

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