Hose Clip Retainer

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Use this handy reusable bungee loop retainer to attach a clip or bolt snap to any SCUBA hose. Sold individually, order one retainer for each clip you need to attach.

Hose Clip Retainer

Hose Clip Retainer
Hose Clip Retainer Used to Attach Bolt Snap to SPG Hose
  • A quick easy reusable attachment device
  • Durable elastic bungee material
  • No tools required to attach or remove
  • Breakaway option for safety
  • Includes Qty 1 retainer

The Hose Clip Retainer (sold Individually as Qty 1 piece) is a simple device that replaces the need for cable ties, o-rings or cave line to attach clips to regulator and SPG hoses. Simply pass the bungee through the clip opening, around the hose, and over the tab. This connection is secure but can still be easily removed for reconfiguring, and if you pull hard enough it is designed to breakaway.

For another solution read How to Attach a Snap.

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